Thursday, April 25, 2013

UDAAN 2013

Some of the human emotions are very complex. When someone is happy or sad you can see that on the face and we can also distinctly feel that. But then there are certain emotions which we don’t understand as well as we do not know how to express them. Farewell is one of those events which can be better expressed as a roller coaster of emotions. On one hand as a school we are very proud of how the students have turned out ever since they joined the school and we feel very confident about their success when they go out in this world. On the other hand there is this big void we feel when we realise that we will not be able to see these students anymore, at least not this frequently.

This year’s farewell (UDAAN – Soaring new heights) was all about celebrating the different personalities of these 31 students of class 12. There was a sense of excitement, pride, enthusiasm and lots of energy in building up to the final event of the year. The students of class 11 and the teachers were equal to the task of making a memorable evening for the outgoing students.

Invitation cards and banners were made by the class 11 students well in advance for the event. Few special performances were kept as a part of paying tribute to the senior most students of the school. Plenty of rehearsals, decorations, dance practices, recordings, and video editing dominated the activities in various parts of the school.

The proceedings on the event commenced with the arrival of the students with their parents to the school. All the students coordinated their dressing for the event as they all dressed in formals and were looking very smart and more importantly looking very appropriate for the event. The junior students escorted the senior students with their families to the prayer hall where nicely decorated tables were set up for each of the families.

The whole event was hosted by Shubhambhai Patel and Harshbhai Sarda who did their job admirably well. They were polite, witty, spontaneous and well organised. They started the event by inviting Rajbhai (12 commerce) and Ishanbhai (12 science) to do the Poojan of Thakorji. Then Ateetbhai welcomed P. Fuvaji by presenting him with a bouquet on behalf of all the students. What followed after was simply amazing. There were a series of performances and video presentations for the outgoing students to relive those amazing moments which they shared together in past few years.

Class 11 students prepared a humorous yet emotional skit and an electrifying dance performance which were appreciated by all present in the hall. Respected Somnath sir gave a very emotional tribute by singing a soulful song for the students of class 12. Suhradam sir and students from class 8, 9 prepared a dance on a very special Bhajan appropriate for the event. Leading to the event Sarvajit sir, Nirav bhai, Pankaj bhai and Hiren bhai prepared special video presentations which showed the memorable moments over the years of these students.

All the students felt very special and it is only fair that one of them expressed the gratitude on behalf of all. Vishlesh bhai gave a heart-touching speech on behalf of all the students. He shared some experiences to express how grateful they are. The pleasant surprise came when the senior students arranged a special gift for respected Principal Vijay sir and respected Haresh sir (School Administrator). All the senior students came on the stage and presented the gift together, which made a very memorable moment for everyone. Thankfully for students it wasn’t the only gift of the evening as each of the students received a special bag of gifts prepared by the school administration. It included a year book, customised coffee mug, special photo frame with P.P Swamishree’s smruti and message along with a set of DVDs with P.P Swamishree pravachans as well as a customised photo collection for each student.

Such an important event couldn’t have been concluded without the blessings of P.P Swamishree. A special video clip of P.P Swamishree’s pravachan was prepared for this occasion. P.P. Swamishree stressed the importance of serving the parents with their heart. P.P Swamishree also asked students to remember importance of hard work and prayer regularly to attain success. In the end Vijay sir and P. Fuvaji thanked the parents for putting trust in the school for the overall development of their children. During his speech respected Vijay sir said that the relationship between the students and the school is not ending as it is a lifelong. He advised all the students to be in touch and not to hesitate to talk to any of the teachers in the future when they need help.

The event ended as all the guests were requested to visit a special exhibition prepared by the class 11 students. The exhibition had the pictures of all the students and a collection of quotes better suited to the personalities of each of them.

This event would mark the end of a chapter in the lives of students but also a beginning of a new chapter. The excitement, honesty, determination and exuberance in the body language of the students would serve as promising and auspicious signs for their families, society and the nation.

As a school we are very proud of these students and we wish all of them very best for their future. In conclusion the lines which captured the sentiment of the event:

संस्कृति की धरोहर हरकदम में पाऊँ,

स्वामिश्री के वचनों के साथ चलता जाऊं |

माँ-बाप की सेवासे कभी न दूर में जाऊं,

आत्मीय बनकर राष्ट्र और समाज की सेवा करता जाऊं |

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