Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seasons Greetings

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a blissfully prosperous New Year.

Atmiya Vidya Mandir Family

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sports at AVM - 2011

The importance of sports in the life of a young student is invaluable as it instils essential life lessons. Sports play a crucial role in the character building of a young athlete, especially from the secondary school to high school years where student athletes are much more mature and mentally developed. It offers the chance to the young, impressionable youth to learn values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountability. Television, which may be the most influential tool in the lives of young adults, does not show enough of these qualities, nor is it on the Internet, or radio. Rather it is up to the parents, teachers and sports teams to help mould, develop, and instil these qualities into the lives of student athletes.

In order for this to happen, there is a need for good coaches that understand the great responsibility that is placed upon their shoulders to help shape and prepare these student athletes not only in sports, but in their everyday lives. At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, we are proud to have a team of 10 such sports coaches who are highly dedicated and focussed in helping the young athletes and sportsmen to succeed in their chosen sport.

The Sports Department at Atmiya Vidya Mandir manages and conducts activities broadly classified as Intramural and Extramural. The team is also at the heart of management of all the cultural events and festivals celebrated on campus.

Intramural Activities:
Various inter-house competitions are carried out throughout the year and points are awarded to the houses based on their performances. As part of the current academic year, so far the following competitions have been carried out:
  • Table Tennis Competition (July 2,  2011)
  • Football Competition (July 30, 2011)
  • Kabaddi Competition (September 17, 2011)
  • Volleyball Competition (November 12 , 2011)
  • Skating Competition (Dec 10, 2011)
  • Annual Athletics Meet (February 2 to 5, 2011)
  • Kho-kho Competition (February 18, 2011)
  • Any one open tournament decided by sports department (March/April)
  • APL, BPL, YPL cricket tournament.

Extramural Activities:
Alongside the on campus sports competitions, the students have also participated in a variety of District or State level competitions where they have inspired others by their sportsmanship spirit. Following is a list of all such competitions they have participated in so far:
  • Football Competition (July 30, 2011) - Surat
  • Kabaddi Competition  (July 21, 2011) - Surat
  • Volleyball Competition (July 26, 2011) - Surat
  • Handball Competition  (Aug 3, 2011) - Surat
  • Kho-Kho Competition  (Aug 4, 2011) - Surat
  • Basketball Competition (Aug 16, 2011) - Surat
  • Volleyball Competition Asso. (July 21, 2011) - Ahmedabad
  • Skating Competition  (Aug 29, 2011) - Surat
  • Table Tennis Competition - C.B.S.E (Sep 4, 2011) – Patan
  • Skating Competition - C.B.S.E (Oct 10,2011) - Vadodara
 List of students selected at District or State or National Levels - 2011/12

Abhishek D Patel
21st Jul
Pradeep Patel / 
Kalpesh Desai
Vikas K Patel
Harsh A Ambalia
Akshay D Patel
Fenil M Patel
Harshal V Gadhiya
Pranshu M Savani
Parth D Patel
26th Jul
Mehul Gandhi / 
Ritesh Desai
Vaishvik B Patel
Meet B Chugh
3rd Aug
Kalpesh Desai / 
Ritesh Desai
Abhishek D Patel
Denish J Zalavadia
4th Aug
Pradeep Patel  /   
Ritesh Desai
Darshit M Patel
Sunny N Patel
Vaibhav V Agrawal
Akshay D Patel

2011 Report:

It was the first time that the school Kabaddi team participated at the Taluka level. The team of 14 - 12 students, Coach Pradeep Patel and Manager Kalpesh Desai participated in the competition at Valmiki School on the 21st of July 2011.

Our team won the final match against Valmiki School and 7 students were selected for the District level competition. Four out of these students participated in the district level competition and they lost in the semi-final round against Bardoli.

District Level Participants:-
1.       Akshay D Patel
2.       Harshal V Gadhiya
3.       Jigar T Patel
4.       Abhishek N Ariwala

The school Volleyball team comprising of 12 students, Coach Mehul Gandhi, Manager Ritesh Desai, participated in the district level at the M.A.I High school on the 26th of July 2011.

Our  Under 14 team was defeated in the semi finals against the Swaminarayan Mission School. However, 2 students were selected for the state level competition.

The Under 17 team was defeated in the first round by Vidhya Mangal school.

State Level Participants:-
1.       Parth D Patel
2.       Vaishvik B Patel

Our team also participated in the Open Gujarat Volleyball Association competition. From that squad, one of our students was selected for the national competition.
National Level Participant:-
1.       Parth D Patel.

Our team (12 students, Coach Kalpesh Desai , Manager Hemant Dubey) participated in the District level competition at the Valmiki School on the 3rd of Aug 2011.
Our team was eliminated in the first round against  Madhi Taluka team, however, two of our students were selected for the state level competition.

State Level Participants:-
1.       Meet B Chugh
2.       Abhishek D Patel

The school Kho-Kho team took part in the Taluka level competition at the V.D. Galiyara school on the 4th of Aug 2011.
Our team (12 students, Coach Pradeep Patel, Manager Ritesh Desai) were the runners up against Valmiki School and 5 students were selected for the District level competition.

In the district level competition we were the champions against the Mandvi taluka. From this competition, one of our students was selected for the state level competition.

District level participant:-
1.       Akshay D Patel
2.       Darshit M Patel
3.       Denish J Zalavadia
4.       Vaibhav V Agarwal
5.       Sunny N Patel
State Level Participant:-
1.       Akshay D Patel

Our team competed at the district level at the Essar International school on the 16th of Aug 2011.
Our team (12 students, Coach Ritesh Desai, Manager Anil Makwana) was eliminated in the first round against  the Swaminarayan Mission school. Three of our students were selected for the state level competition (2 for stand by).

State Level Participants:-
1.       Yogin D Patel
Stand by:-
2.       Ravi B Patel
3.       Vaishvik M Patel

Our team (8 students, Coach Mitesh Salmawala, Manager Kalpesh Desai) took part in the district level competition at the Sumul Dairy Rink on the 29th of Aug 2011.

In the Under 14 category, one of our students, and in the Under 17 category two of our students were selected for the state level competition.

State Level Participants:-
1.Durgesh N Gami.[Under 14]
2.Mishal V Kansara[Under 17]
3.Parth P Patel[Under 17]

Table Tennis
Our team at Patan:

Compiled by: Ramakar Dubey (Head of Sports Department, Atmiya Vidya Mandir)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

AVM Family Splurge in Festive Joy

The little nip in the air in the month of October also heralds the colours of this festive season. In Atmiya Vidya Mandir, after the hectic study schedule of SA1 examination, the school campus gears up to revel in festive spirit with fun, frolic and joy.

Ego and negativity burnt into flames

The legend underlying every celebration at Atmiya Vidya Mandir, as also its mode of conduct, gives the students a glimpse of Hindu culture; however, all festivities celebrate the victory of the forces of Good over Evil, Dussehra or Vijyadashmi add that extra sparkle with a sense of resolution to defeat the negativity of mind giving a way to new and productive thoughts.

On the auspicious occasion of Vijyadashmi, in the morning assembly, respected Vijay Sir, the principal of the school explained the students the moral message of the occasion of Vijyadashmi. It is also considered to be an auspicious day to begin new things in life, he said.

In the evening, at the basketball ground, the ritual of Ravan Dahan was performed. Effigy of Ravan, went up in flames across the firmament as the sun set on the pious day of Vijyadashmi, marking the victory of good over the evil. All elders of Atmiya family, saints and children watched in amazement, the dazzling fireworks lightening up the sky, as the giant size effigy crackled in the fire.

The Twirl-O-Meter of Garba Dance

Every corner of the campus continued to ripple and vibrate with Navratri and Dussehra celebrations. For it is Navratri- the annual Festival dedicated to the powerful Mother Goddess. A rapturous combination of solemnity and joy and hope, the traditional garba dance was organized at the school Basket Ball ground. The tempo of changed perceptibly, after the exam-mania, the excitement was unprecedented and fervour unmatched. The Navratri night extravaganza made the students dancers whirl with the rhythmic movements of their arms to the musical accompaniment of amplifier.

For the ceremonial ritualistic initiation of the festival, a lamp was lit to be placed at the God’s altar. The arena, setting up of lights created the perfect ambience. The pleasure of being together and a roaring and rapturous razzmatazz of the pulsating beats made every student enjoy at fullest. The twirl- o- meter went up when teachers, didis and house masters joined the students swirling and twirling to the rhythmic beats. All were dancing in groups and circles. The dancers of each concentric circle then weave patterns with each other and with members of the other circle. There was a great deal of freedom in the movements. Some of the students- group was indulge creating glimpses of Rasa, the traditional dance of Gujarat. The origin of the Rasa is traced back to the legends connected with the life of Lord Krishna. Oblivious of the passage of time, the students-dancers continued late into the night.

These celebrations coincide with nature at her happiest and most abundant at the green surroundings of the school. It is the end of the cooling, life giving monsoon. For all those who were donning the Navratri ensemble and graving the garba dance for the first time, and even those who rejoice over it every time, it is going to be a memorable experience to cherish forever.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young budding poets of AVM

In Atmiya Vidya Mandir, we are witnessing not just teaching of poems to the students, rather, the creation of poets themselves!

Here are a few poems written by young poets of Class 6B to pay tribute to their mothers as a class activity.
Nimit Patel (6B)

Niramay Baravalia - 6B

Ravi Patel - 6B

Vinamra Patel - 6B

Yathansh Joshi - 6B
Inspired by: Saumya Madam