Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fortunate Are Those Who Are Blessed With Devotion

Since the inception of our enriched culture, we have been in the practice of worshiping GOD along with His choicest devotees which is known as Yugal Upaasana (Dual Worship). The entire ‘Bhakti Movement’ in India is based on Yugal Upaasana where the devotee plays a vital role.

In Swaminarayan Faith, such a choicest devotee is considered as abode of God. The Bhakti Yog of ‘Bhagwad Gita’ says that a state comes where the devotee becomes one with God and God surrenders Himself to the devotee.

Satyam House was given an opportunity to celebrate ‘The lives of great devotees’. Here, the question arises ‘why should students celebrate this value?’ The Founder and President of Atmiya Vidya Mandir – P. P. Hariprasad Swamiji strongly believes in the alignment of Hands, Head and Heart. This lofty goal can only be achieved through Bhakti; intense love for God accompanied with the glory and magnificence of God.

Throughout the week, the combined endeavour of teachers and students of Satyam House managed to create devotional vibrations in the hearts of students and teachers. The videos, presentations and prayer talks based on lives of the great devotees like Meerabai, Gnaneshwer, Shabari, Rohidas, Bal Bhaktas like Dhruv, Prahalad and devotees of P. P. Hariprasad Swamiji, gave an insight to the students about what devotion is and how could one imbibe that quality.

The week’s Saturday came up with a new vision of devotee through Samvad. The samvad was about one of the great devotees of Lord Swaminarayan – Param Bhakt Jinabhai. The samvad performed by the students, not only reflected the service of this great devotee and his devotional heart, but also demonstrated the boundless love of Lord Swaminarayan towards his real devotees. The last scene of the drama where Lord Swaminarayan himself shoulders the body of Bhakt Jinabhai for his funeral rites left every one spellbound.  One could literally experience the enlightening words of the great devotee (and poet: આદ્ય કવિ) Narsinh Mehta:
પ્રાણ થકી મને વૈષ્ણવ વ્હાલા, હરનિશ એને ધ્યાવું રે,
તપ તીરથ વૈકુંઠ-સુખ મેલી, મારા વૈષ્ણવ હોય ત્યાં જાવું રે ...
(Dearer than life is my devotee to me, he is ever in my heart; I leave behind all the pilgrimages, austerities and joys of Vaikunth, just to be where he is!)

Every participant was heartily involved and enthusiastically engaged in giving his best. Teachers played a vital role behind the curtain. The play created a current of devotion via a spectacular presentation and performance by the students.

Written by: Chirag Bhatt

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inter House Table Tennis Competition 2012-13

The Inter-House Table-Tennis competition was organized at Atmiya Vidya Mandir as a 3 days event, from 19th July, 2012 to 21st July, 2012. As per the Indian tradition the event was initiated by the Poojan of Thakorji. The instructors encouraged the disciplined environment, which was sincerely followed by the participants throughout the event. All the participants from the four houses (Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, Suhradam) actively participated and displayed a wonderful sportsman spirit during the event.

The competition was held dividing the students into two different groups and the scoring was done through the Point system.

1. Junior Group (5th ,6th ,7th)
2. Senior Group (8th,9th, 10th)

The junior group played two events:
1. Individual event
2. Team event

Whereas the senior group played three events:
1. Individual event
2. Doubles event
3. Team event

The points distribution for the tournament was as follows:
1st Position – 10 Points
2nd Position – 8 Points
3rd Position – 6 Points

Results of the Junior Group Team Event (5th ,6th ,7th)

1st Place: - Sundaram (10 Points)
1. Deep J. Patel
2. Sarweshwar Modi
3. Parth Jasoliya
4. Shivam Patel

2nd Place:
- Suhradam (8 Points)
1. Jigar Parekh
2. Vinamra Patel
3. Dev P. Patel
4. Dev M. Patel

3rd Place: - Satyam (6 points)
1. Krutarth Patel
2. Smit Lad
3. Keval Rohit
4. Pranit Chodhary

Results of the Junior Group Individual Event (5th, 6th, 7th)

1st Place: - Dev P. Patel (Suhradam)
2nd Place: - Deep J. Patel (Sundaram)
3rd Place: - Jigar B. Parekh (Suhradam)

Results of the Senior Individual Event (8th, 9th, 10th Std)

1st Place: - Harsh L. Sarda (Satyam)
2nd Place: - Vishesh S. Mistry (Shivam)
3rd Place: - Jil H. Patel (Satyam)

Results of the Senior Doubles Event

1st Place: - Harsh L. Sarda / Jil H. Patel (Satyam)
2nd Place: - Vishesh S. Mistry / Krutarth J. Patel (Shivam)
3rd Place: - Amit M. Pandey / Prashant S. Gupta (Suhradam)

Results of the Senior Team Event

1st Place: - Shivam House
1. Vishesh S. Mistry
2. Krutarth J. Patel
3. Uttam P. Italiya
4. Pavan Patel

2nd Place: - Satyam House
1. Harsh L. Sarda
2. Jil H. Patel
3. Denish Patel
4. Bonny U. Patel

3rd Place: - Suhradam House
1. Prashant S. Gupta
2. Amit M. Patel
3. Dinal L. Patel
4. Raj H. Chitania

Overall Results:
  1. Satyam House (40 Points)
  2. Suhradam House (36 Points)
  3. Sundaram House (34 Points)
  4. Shivam House (30 Points)
Compiled by: Chirag Sir

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

English and Hindi Poems by Students

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Science Competition 2012-13

It was 14 July 2012 when all the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, from grade one to ten enthusiastically gathered in the school assembly hall to witness the inter house science competition.

There were four categories of participants. Grades one and two; grades three and four; grades five, six and seven and, grades eight nine and ten.

The participants from grades one and two took part in the picture and video based quiz in which they answered questions based on their everyday experiences.

A scientific process or scientific method requires observations. The teams of grades three and four presented a drama each on a different scientific concept. Four dramas were presented, one from each house (Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam). The topics were:
  • Satyam House : Body Parts
  • Shivam House : Importance of vitamins
  • Sundaram House : Plants and animals are dependent on each other.
  • Suhradam House : Solar family.
Based on their observations of the drama(s), respective members of the house from grades three and four attempted a set of questions for their house after the dramas.

Grades five, six, and seven participated in a three rounds quiz with multiple choice questions (MCQ) based on their grade levels and everyday experiences.

Finally, house teams from grades eight, nine and ten also participated in a quiz in which they were posed questions which required them to apply their knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology. The questions gave them opportunities to think about their strengths and weaknesses whilst giving them a realistic perspective of Science.

Throughout the event, the audience also actively participated in the competition. They too were asked questions and gifted chocolates as reward for their correct answer.

As is the nature of any competition, the results were the most awaited part through out. It turned out to be quite a thrilling finish eventually with the first and second houses separated only by half a point!

The results were as follows:
First: Sundaram House
Second: Suhradam House
Third: Satyam House 

Compiled by: Anand Sir

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Celebrating Glory of the Guru

One cannot measure the light and warmth of the sun, it is equally impossible to explain the vastness of the oceans, nor can one explicate the mystery of nature’s power. Similarly, it is difficult to describe the glory of Guru.

According to Hindu mythology, Guru’s place is considered above and ahead of God, to ponder upon this very significance of the Guru, Atmiya Vidya Mandir recently celebrated the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima. The celebration continued for one week, Sundaram House members, through the daily assemblies, emphasised the need, role and significance of guru in one’s life. There were many aspects of guru’s role and importance which were shared through thoughts of the day, speeches and presentations by the students of Sundaram House.


The teachers of Sundaram House gave wonderful speeches depicting how a guru brings transformation in one's life and direct him towards the path of eternal bliss, and how fruitful and beneficial it is to follow Guru’s words and advice.

On the last day of the week, in the creative assembly, the members of Sundaram House presented a skit and a dance drama in which they wonderfully portrayed the role of Guru in one’s life. The students of junior group dressed as the renowned pairs of Guru and disciple such as Lord Krishna and Arjun, Lord Ram and Hanumanji, Gautam Buddha and Ashok, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekanand, Samarth Guru Ramdas and Shivaji and countless such disciples who have made their journey to true happiness by accepting GURU in their lives.

They also performed a role play of the famous incident of Shivaji Maharaj’s life and how his Guru Ramdas directed his life and brought him to the path of righteousness. The students witnessed an inspiring account of the Guru Disciple relationship where ultimate surrender to the Guru is the extreme height of assured happiness. The students acknowledged through this creative assembly that how our thoughts, our values and our happiness are integrated to our real progress and a Guru can safeguard our true self. Guru is the one who untangles us from the web of worldly worries and guides us in this journey from darkness to enlightenment.

Today’s man has reached Mars in the sky and cells in the micro-organisms, however this progress only denotes our outward journey leading to finite goals. What we really need is communion of our soul with the Supreme. We cannot stride towards the supreme on our own. This is where we need a guide, a Guru.

Written by: Mishal Kansara, Shubham Patel (Class 11th Commerce)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Subroto District Level Football Tournament 2012

Our school participated in “Subroto District Level Football Tournament” in the under 14 and under 17 categories as per the following details.

Under 14 Competition
Coach: Milan Sir and Vinod Sir
Manager: Ritesh Sir

The school’s Under 14 team students went to the Ladvi School on the 9th July 2012. Their first match was against the Sanskriti School. The AVM team won by 1-0, the sole goal scored by Manav N. Patel (8B).

With this win, the team reached the quarter finals which was played against the R.P.B Valthan School. The AVM team won again by 1-0, the sole goal scored by Mohit A. Ojha (8A).

In the semi finals, this team played against the Essar International School team and lost by 0-1 after a formidable fight.

AVM’s Under 14 Team:
Mohit A. Ojha
Tapan R. Dandawala
Dhruv D. Patel
Manav N. Patel
Anirudh S. Chawla
Hitarth N. Savani
Prashit N. Patel
Utsav R. Patel
Aman A. Patel
Harshit M. Mehta
Sarvanaman B. Patel
Jagrat K. Gada
Meet B. Patel
Daksh N. Pandya
Vinayak A. Patel

Under 17 Competition
Coach: Milan Sir and Vinod Sir
Manager: Ritesh Sir

The school’s Under 17 team students went to the Essar International School on the 10th July 2012. Their first match was against the Fountain Head School team. The AVM team won by 2-0 and the goals were quite skillfully scored by Manhil Borana (9A) and Harshill Soni (10B).

With this win, the team reached the quarter final which was played against the P. P. Savani International School. The AVM team lost by 0-3 against the defending champions.

AVM’s Under 17 Team:
Sonak N. Ramani
Aditya G. Chawla
Roshan S. Naik
Arpit K. Trapasiya
Harshill H. Soni
Raj B. Panpaliya
Raj G. Patel
Harsh L. Sarda
Harsh J. Vaghela
Manhil H. Borana
Love I. Patel
Mayank M. Watwani
Sagar K. Bhogayta
Sachin S. Verlekar
Ravi A. Patel
Deep R. Chamaria

Compiled by: The AVM Sports Team

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inter House Skating Competition 2012-13

The first sports competition for the year was held on Saturday, the 7th of July 2012 in the form of an inter house skating competition. Students have been trained in the various aspects of this sport by the school’s skating coach Mitesh Sir.

The event was planned and managed by the school's highly dedicated Sports Department. The school was divided into four groups:
1. Beginners:  Std. 3rd
2. Sub-junior: Std. 4th and 5th
3. Junior:        Std. 6th and 7th
4. Senior:       Std. 8th, 9th and 10th

There was one event for the Beginners: the Short Distance Race.
The Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior groups competed for two events:
1. Short Distance Race
2. Long Distance Race.

The results are given below:
  • Beginners
    • 3rd Place :- Satyam (3 points) 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (4 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Shivam (5 points)
  • Sub-Juniors 
    •  3rd Place :- Shivam (4 points) 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (8 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Satyam (16 points)
  •  Juniors
    •  3rd Place :- Satyam, Shivam 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (7 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Suhradam (17 points)
  • Seniors
    •  3rd Place :- Suhradam (4 points) 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (5 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Satyam (15 points)
Overall Result (House-wise)
  • First Place :-      Satyam House
  • Second Place :- Suhradam House
  • Third Place :-    Sundaram House
One could sense a lot a enthusiasm amongst all the participants and you could feel their efforts on the skating rink. The following students did their respective houses proud by their especially excellent performances:
  • Jay B.Savani (3B) (Shivam House)
  • Aditya A. Ozha (5A) (Satyam House)
  • Pranesh D.Patel (7A) (Suhradam House)
  • Uday C.Jariwala (8B) (Satyam House)
  • Parth P.Patel (10A) (Sundaram House)
Compiled by: AVM Sports Team

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) 2012 Announcement

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is an on-going National Program of Fellowships in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to attract exceptionally and highly motivated students for pursuing basic science courses and career in research. 

Important dates:
Last date for online application: 7th September 2012
Last date for offline application: 12th September 2012
Nationwide aptitude test: 4th November 2012 (Sunday)
(Right click on the image below and select "Open in new tab")
Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A tribute to the Guru-Shishya Parampara

Today, the flowers bloomed more than usual, gave more fragrance than usual because it was the day when Guru blessed them and their Shishyas. The prayer hall of the school had a spiritual touch and ambience of prayer that the shishyas offered.

On this pious occasion we were blessed by the presence of P. Kothari Swamiji, P. Yogi Swamiji, P. Gyanswaroop Swamiji, P. Suhrad Swamiji and P. Mahatmya Swamiji. Through their vaani, these saints gave us an insight of what and who a Guru is, why is He important in our lives. The school’s youngest musicians with the company of our music teachers Somnath Sir and Jaimin Sir offered a prayer in form of the bhajan “Guru maat pita, guru bandhu sakha” to God and to the saints present there.

Moving ahead, the flowers that bloomed more than usual today, were gathered and offered to each of the saints, principal, administrator and other guests. It was the time now to seek blessings from the saints. P. Suhrad Swamiji blessed us by sharing with us that actually following His aagnas was the true sense of guru poojan. Next he explained that the role of a guru in one’s life was to take us on the path of positivity from negativity. Then, Somnath Sir amazingly sung the bhajan “Guru charanan ni hu rajkan chhu” (meaning “O Lord, let us be in your feet and serve you”) brilliantly accompanied on the tabla by Jaimin Sir. The bhajan echoed the words spoken by P. Suhrad Swamiji and left the audience even more inspired.

Finally, P. Kothari Swamiji blessed us through His speech explaining the true significance of the day i.e. remembering guru in each and every deed we do and offering our bad habits to God and Guru and asking for strength to follow the good ones.

The function ended by all the students and staff getting an opportunity of rare fortune of offering poojan to P. Kothari Swamiji and praying personally of what good we wanted to follow. After the poojan we received Prasad from P. Gyanswaroop Swamiji and dispersed, enlightened, to our respective hostels.

Compiled by:
Anand Kalawadia, Raj V Patel, Harsh Solanki, Aagam Mehta, Vishlesh Gondalia (12th Commerce)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Investiture Ceremony 2012-13

“With great power, comes great responsibilities.” - (Uncle Ben to Peter Parker)

30th June 2012 was a very auspicious day for the students as well as the staff members of Atmiya Vidya Mandir as it was the day of honouring the newly elected members of the student council. The ceremony started at 11:30 AM after the usual Saturday school hours.

The hosts of the ceremony Pranshu Savani and Abhishek Panchal first invited our Principal Dr Vijay Patel and Administrator Mr Harish Patel to perform poojan of Thakorji. Next came a mesmerising performance by the school’s choir of the song “I believe I can fly” with an able guidance from Somnath Sir. The group led by Raj Panpaliya, Siddharth Jain and Nirmal Patel left one and all present there with high spirits and hope and set a perfect stage for the oath taking ceremony of the new student council members.

The newly elected Head Boy: Vikas Patel, Vice Head Boy: Rohan Shingala, Sports Captain: Harshill Soni and the captains and vice captains of various houses marched towards the stage for the oath taking ceremony. They were followed by a highly enthusiastic team of house prefects. All the council members were then conferred their titles and responsibilities by the respective house teachers through pinning up the badges. These stars, shining due to their achievements, badges and most importantly their determination and humility, then took their oaths administered by the school principal.

The school then received an inspirational treat in the form of a group dance on the song “Lakshya” choreographed by Suhradam Sir. The new Head Boy Vikas Patel then conveyed his feelings to the school and appealed to all the students to excel in whatever they were involved in. Further, our principal Vijay Sir enlightened the newly elected student council members and all the students by his experience-filled-wisdom and urged everyone to ponder over the benefits of practicing “atmiyata” on a daily basis.

The head boy, vice head boy and the house captains then lit the sacred lamp marking the beginning of the new year full of challenges and achievements with sincere prayers to remain committed to atmiyata in whatever they would do. The ceremony ended with the school song and the lively hearts then marched to the school dining hall for a sumptuous lunch.

Compiled by: Denish Zalavadiya, Deval Patel, Manav Patel (12th Science)

2012-13 Student Council Elections

For the smooth functioning of any institution, stable governance is a must. Similarly, for maintenance of discipline in the school and representing of students’ views to the school authorities, a students’ council is required. Thus, Atmiya Vidya Mandir witnessed its third student council election in the second week of the academic year 2012-13.

The students who were shortlisted for the posts of House Captains and House Vice Captains in the council gave their campaign speeches during the Monday-Thursday morning assemblies. The nominees for the post of Vice Head Boy & Sports Captain appealed for votes on Friday. Whereas the nominees for the central post of the council i.e. Head Boy tried to win the hearts of students and teachers and appealed for votes on Saturday.

The elections were held on 23rd June 2012 in the school assembly hall from 11 AM to about 1 PM. The students and teachers gave their votes using an electronic voting system and witnessed the functioning of a true democracy in the process.

The results of the elections were as follows:

Head Boy:           Vikas Patel (Class 11 Commerce)
Vice Head Boy:  Rohan Shingala (Class 9)
Sports Captain Harshill Soni (Class 9)

Satyam House
Captain:             Sachin Verlekar (Class 10)
Vice Captain:    Jay Vankawala (Class 8)

Shivam House
Captain:             Het Adhvaryu (Class10)
Vice Captain:     Abhishek Patel (Class 8)

Sundaram House
Captain:             Tanmay Patel (Class 10)
Vice Captain:     Vaishvik C Patel (Class 8)

Suhradam House
Captain:             Harsh Vaghela (Class 10)
Vice Captain:    Vaishvik B Patel (Class 8)

And thus starts a new journey of Atmiya Vidya Mandir for a yet another year led by these remarkable student leaders.

Compiled by: Ishan Vaghasiya, Purva Patel, Romal Patel, Aditya Patel (12th Science)