Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reviewing the 2G Spectrum Scam

On 20th April, 2012 we had a book review presentation on the book “2G SPECTRUM SCAM”. The author of this book is Dr. Subramanian Swamy who is a renowned economist and political head of the JANATA PARTY.

The students who presented this book were:-

  • Aneesh.P.Sharma (Leader and Reader)
  • Saurabh.B.Biyani (Multimedia Person)
  • Agam.N.Shah (Artist)
  • Prafful.G.Chandaliya (Presenter)

The presentation was divided in 5 parts, they were:-
  1. About Author
  2. What is Corruption?
  3. 2G Spectrum Scam
  4. C.B.I. Investigation
  5. Jago India (conclusion)

There were a few concept draws made on topics like Impact of Corruption and The Causes and Solutions to Corruption.

A cover page was also made by the group. Through this presentation the audience was able to gain the knowledge about how this scam had taken place. With the help of the Judges the students were able to know where to improve upon.

The presentation left both the presenting team and the audience in a thoughtful mode. And one could hear all the thoughts : "What should I do to light that little lamp and keep it lit so that such evils like corruption continues to fade out until it disappears completely?"

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Written by: Aneesh Sharma and the 2G Spectrum Scam Team

Friday, April 20, 2012

AVM Bids Adieu to the Senior Most Students

We groom their flair to see them flourish

We tower their dream to see them fly

We usher their virtues to see them blossom

We tender them with love to see them loving

Our beloved students of class 12th are all set to soaring to new heights becoming the shining beacons of humanity. As the academic session 2011- 12 came to its culmination, the students of class XI and entire AVM family bade farewell to the students of class XII. The celebration was aptly named as 'UDAAN: SOARING NEW HEIGHTS’. The hosts gave an auspicious and traditional welcome to the outgoing Class XII students with the tilak and flowers, adding more colour to their happy smiling faces.

The programme commenced with the lighting of lamp by students of senior group of commerce stream. Then began 'Moments to Cherish', a spectacular flashback of cherished memories of the glorious eight years spent by these students in the precincts of Atmiya Vidya Mandir : their 'Home away from Home’. The hilarious hosts Ghanshyam, Sahishnu, Parth and Aneesh gave momentum to the programme. The excitement reached the crescendo when the students were called to share their experiences and even teachers expressed their feelings for being with these students as teachers and mentors. The students seemed to be geared up to face new challenges as they received the blessings and best wishes from their teachers.

The amalgamated feelings of joy and sorrow found an expression in the touching speeches of the representatives of class XII, who thanked the Principal and the teachers for the guidance and affection showered by them during their tenure in their alma mater. To lighten the mood and to alleviate the pain of parting, the Class XI students presented an extravaganza of cultural programme, including resplendent dances by students of class IX, X and XI, a medley of songs and a plethora of nostalgic glimpses on the backdrop having a giant screen. The cultural programme comprised of reverberating, energizing dance performances, mellifluous song recitals, fun-filled mime presentation, enrapturing snap-shots which showcased the different phases of a student’s school life.

The occasion was graced by the presence of the parents of senior students, members of school management, teachers, hostel staff and the elders of the school. The parents felt proud about their wards and appreciated the efforts of teachers for shaping the future of their children and making the event a grand success. It was a very emotional moment for them to watch the aspiring young talents heading towards the formal phase of education.

The Principal, Dr. Vijay Patel in his speech, welcomed the parents and urged the students to face the outside world with confidence and grit. As he said, Atmiya Vidya Mandir endeavoured to develop competence, conscience and character building among the students which enabled them to grow strong and tall in their natural splendour along with the opportunities they achieved for academic excellence and multifarious skills. During the period of eight years of their stay in this school, students have been supported to develop an ability to understand and absorb the new trends and developments, knowing that nothing much changes at the core while coming on top quickly and efficiently.

Vice Principal, Swayam Madam gave a very emotional and heart touching speech. She assured the parents that these students will be deeply grounded to their family roots and culture even when they serve the society and nations with their inherent talents. As she told that it seemed only yesterday when a group of little feet had stamped the AVM ground to leave their mark. As the potter moulds the clay and transforms it into a decorative piece, similarly the school has attempted to groom the budding lilies into multi – faceted personalities. She advised the outgoing students to face the challenges of the world by being agents of positive social change. She reiterated on the duty of every student towards the society as true bhoolku of Swamiji and as true alumni of AVM. She wished them all the best not only for their social and spiritual life but also for their future endeavours.

Students of the outgoing batch received gift hamper from their teachers as a token of remembrance. The senior faculty members gave speeches on the occasion and stressed the importance of dedication and devotion in life.

One of the students shared his feelings saying that they have learnt life skills which will be valuable to them throughout their life, they've had the chance to do, see and experience things that make them morally and spiritually strong.

Students enumerated their wonderful experiences of school life. They acknowledged how the values imbibed by them have shaped their character, giving a foundation to aspire for great heights and make a difference; how the school has instilled in them tremendous self-belief and ardent faith in the Almighty which gives them an edifice to dream big.

The most momentous part of this farewell ceremony was the video clip which showcased H.D.H. P.P. Hariprasad Swamiji’s message and blessings for these students.

Later, students along with their parents viewed the photo gallery depicting 35 students of this leaving batch. Each one of them has been portrayed as an individual leaving his imprints and identity through these years. Afterwards they moved to enjoy the sumptuous dinner organized in their honour.

The farewell ceremony on their departure from school brought with it an air of nostalgia. Remembering the first day of school, hand in hand with their parents, scared, they entered the big buildings of the school, unknown place and new people, they were clinging to their parents, refusing to bid goodbye to parents but after short negotiations with the teacher they were rendered free of their mother’s clutches and sent in a classroom of many other small children, and years later, on this day, their Metamorphosis – was over, celebrating the transition between childhood and young adulthood with a very special care. For these many years the school focused on personal growth of these students, their self-discovery, igniting their passions, happiness, faith and adventure so that these children will become capable, contributing, competent and healthy individuals. Their time in school is over, now it is time for them to move on to venture into new achievements.

Youth is the time for limitless challenges;
Nevertheless, it’s the time to discover innate potential;
Dive into struggle headlong;
And emerge victorious in each endeavour;
Embracing the don of endurance;
Become the suns of their families, workplace and the society!!!!!!!!!!

MBBS at BLDE University (Bijapur-Karnataka)

The BLDE University in Bijapur (Karnataka) offers a competitive MBBS programme and admission to the course is based on their All India Undergraduate Medical Entrance Test.

Please see below for their admission notice for 2012-13.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cricketing excellence at AVM outshines the summer sun!

As the temperature soared, children started to anticipate a big summer break, India geared up for the fifth edition of IPL, Atmiya Vidya Mandir as well went into the cricket carnival with its own version of IPL. Like every year it was that time of the year when students were divided into different teams named after popular IPL franchise. Captains were chosen by the sports team to lead their respective teams.

The whole event was planned very meticulously by Ramakar Sir (Sports In Charge). Ritesh Sir and Pradeep Sir worked hard and created a very sporting pitch in the cricket ground. Green lush outfield was prepared and the marking was done as AVM braced for a scintillating tournament.

The whole of the event divided into three groups:
  • Yogi Premiere League (YPL for class 4, 5),
  • Bhoolku Premiere League (BPL for class 6, 7) and
  • Atmiya Premiere League (APL for class 8, 9).

The tournament was divided into two major rounds:
  1. League round where all the teams would play once to the other teams in the group and
  2. Knockout round where top two teams from the each group would play semifinals and finals.

Students and teachers showed tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the scorching heat to play the game that the whole of India love the most. Teams showed amazing spirit and technical knowledge of the game during the matches. In the battle of ball and bat new heroes arise with their spectacular performances and became popular with the crowd.

After the first round, top teams from groups battled hard to qualify for the finals of the tournament. After an absorbing semifinals stage each group (APL, BPL and YPL) had their finalists. In YPL it was the final between Kings Eleven Punjab (KXIP) and Mumbai Indians (MI). Shivam Patel with his all-round performance won KXIP the YPL title. Rishi Patel (MI) was chosen as the Man of the Series. While Shivam Patel won the Best Bowler prize.

In BPL, it was an interesting dual between KXIP and Delhi Daredevils (DD). But Hitarth Savani’s quick-fire 23 runs sealed the championship for KXIP. However the Man of the Series award was won by MI’s Dev T Patel for an amazing consistent performance with the bat and ball. Nikhil Khanpara was declared Best Bowler for the tournament.

In APL, MI were up against the Deccan Chargers (DC). MI captain, Aakash Patel made a superb 42 to set up a very tough target for the DC. But good performance by Jay Patel and a responsible knock from Captain Harshill Soni DC won the finals in an emphatic fashion. Aakash Patel was given the Man of the Match award, but Jay Patel won the Man of the Series as well as Best Bowler award for a memorable performance throughout the tournament.

The event was concluded with a presentation ceremony where Guests awarded the certificates and trophies to the teams and individual winners. P. Fuvaji, Natuda (both trustees), Haresh Sir (Administrator) and Vijay Sir (Principal) graced the ceremony and applauded the success of the event.

The success of the tournament was a bright example of teamwork from different sections of the school. The school management, sports teachers’ team, kitchen department, house masters and didis along with the students came together and created a memorable event for the students who would be leaving for the summer break with plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

Written By: The AVM Sports Team

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reviewing the Indian Consumer

The second (of the total 4) book review presentation was given by 11th Commerce students on the book “We are like that only” by Rama Bijapurkar. This book is about the mentality of Indian consumers before and after liberalisation.

The review was presented by 3 students Harsh P. Patel (reader and presenter), Shubham S. Bagaria (presenter) and Raj V. Patel (artist/designer).

The presentation highlighted various aspects of the India market and Indian consumers. The concepts such as the market structure and the DNA of Indian society were explained with the help of concept draws. The content on the slides was very informative and graphical which made the presentation very visually appealing. The students even took an initiative to correspond to the author through a written mail.

This book review presentation helped the students learn more about the modern Indian consumers' behaviour. The presentation was followed by a Question and Answer session after which various invaluable suggestions were given to the members of the group by esteemed panel of judges.

It was indeed a very enlightening book review presentation. 

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Written by: Nikhil Chaudhary and the "We are like that only" Team (11th Commerce)

Indian Maritime University - Admission Notice 2012

The Indian Maritime University offers the following courses based on the IIT-JEE rank (and 12th Science (PCM) performance) :
Please see below for their admission notice:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun and some reality check in Ahmedabad

The students of class 1 to 6 enjoyed their outing on 3rd and 4th April 2012. The journey started on 3rd April at 6:00 am towards Kankaria lake Ahmedabad having a halt at Baroda at 8:30 am. The Lake is a polygon with 34 sides and 3 balconies on to the water from the edge of the lake. The place is peaceful and blessed with the beauty of nature. The pleasing view of the lake, the humming and chirping of birds and the greenery bordering the lake made students fall in love with this place. Candies, ice creams and beverages were served throughout the journey.

The students enjoyed the colourful creation of God in the form of various aquatic lives. Kankaria aquarium is the abode of beautiful fishes and colourful plants.

The luxurious train journey was a joyful experience. A train named 'Atal Express' was imported from London, the train circles the lake. Students enjoyed the ride with the company of teachers.

In order to experience floating, students were taken for the sailing in Kankaria Lake. Then the time came to relish the delicious lunch at Kankaria.

Adding to the enjoyment, the students were taken to Bal-Vatika. The Bal-Vatika has collection of mirrors which made students laugh. Amusement park entertained the kids to its fullest.

A dream world for the little ones, Kids City, was also visited and explored. A miniature of an entire city is created where the kids can role-play various occupations and take part in everyday tasks just like adults. It is a bouquet of 19 civilian activities, giving insight to children about their origin and application in real time. In this city, children learned about the adult world, and the value of money and work.

This gave kids the chance to become grown-ups. The various activities that they participated in were functioning of telecoms, police academy, court room, fire station, archaeology, theatre, ice-cream making, NCC etc. This air-conditioned complex has interactive models of a bank, radio station, fire and emergency service stations, IT centre, BRTS, an airport, a police station, theatre and city governance which were explored and enjoyed by all the students.

Fun had a halt here and students called for a joyful day at Kankaria with the treat of ice cream.

The tour was continued, and forwarded towards Mehsana Water Park. Shanku is India's first water park and largest in Eurasia that offers fun and adventure for every age group. The residence was of ancient kind and cottages were full of accessories and comforts. Surrounded by a Mughal garden, dormitories have a royal look. The students enjoyed swimming, dining and in all living there. The place is well equipped with all the modern facilities.

The next day began with a yummy Breakfast. Students were excited for self-boating and were allowed with a company of an elder in the boat.

The park offered excellent rides for children as well as kids, which ranges from lazy still river to the thrilling tunnels. It consists of rides which are very exciting and adventurous. Students not only enjoyed the pools but also had fun in showers and falls and many more activities throughout the day. In all, the most awaiting fun approached in the form of Water Park.

Concisely, the tour was a whole lot of fun, an endless dose of play and a great deal of learning.

Written by: Rashmi Madam

Thursday, April 12, 2012

AVM Cricket Premier Leagues 2011-12 Updates -2

To view details, please click on the image. Once it opens, right click on the image and select "View Image". Then zoom in or out to see the details.

Compiled by: Pankajbhai

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experiential Learning at Mt. Abu

Filled with the joy and enthusiasm, the students were ready on 30th March 2012 to explore a new horizon of glorious India. In order to provide our students with the opportunity of “experiential learning”, we have been on the excursion of nature for 3 days on the hills of Abu, Rajasthan. During this adventurous endeavour, students discovered the new insightful ideas about the existence of life and nature.

Mount Abu, situated at an average height of 1,219 mt’s above sea level, is the oasis in the deserted land of Rajasthan. It possesses the honour of being the only hill-station in Rajasthan as well as in north-west India.

Scout camp turned out to be an interesting experience for the students. The professional trainers not only guided the students but also helped them for every single activity conducted during the camp. There were around 10 activities (like ladder climbing, rope climbing and other such physically challenging activities) which were carried out throughout the day. All the activities were designed, keeping in mind the age group of students, to develop the kinaesthetic skills of students.

The learning was beyond the limits of subject and content. Hills of Abu presented unknown historical facts and displayed unseen geographical transformations through several types of rock formations. Caving gave a new exposure through ‘learning by doing’. Tracking provided the real experience of the natural formations of mountains and hills.

The science of gravity was explained by the guide before climbing the titanic rocks. The skill of balancing was developed during the rappelling activity. Acquaintance with the core nature not only exposed students to the opaque forests but also exposed them with the hardship of the tribal people. Night tracking was very adventurous and amazing. It turned out to be a first time experience for many of the members. The fear of dark and height were overcome during the tracking through the forest.

Nakki Lake, the mythological lake with a very interesting and sacred story behind its creation, is the heart of Mount Abu. Students sailed the lake in groups accompanied with teachers and staff members. That was followed by a visit to the Delwara Jain temple, which is an architectural wonder that has been preserved as an ancient heritage of aesthetic arts. The carving and structuring of the temple were observed and appreciated by everyone.

The best among luxury hotels in Mount Abu is Hotel Hiltone. With a wide range of well-furbished rooms, it offers a homely atmosphere with all modern amenities. Everyone was paid the utmost attention and served with care and concern. The students experienced comfort and relaxation in the rooms after the adventurous activities. The delicious food was served with starters, desserts and ice creams.

Abu offers a tranquil and tender ambience amidst the lap of Aravalli range. Students experienced the environmental changes and atmospheric variations. They were exposed to the diversity of languages and people. Tourists from different places and with different languages interacted with them.

The beauty of nature certainly inspired more dynamism in the students. It remains an unforgettable experience as it has given a new ray of learning and knowledge. By the end of the excursion, everyone was contented and filled with joy, ready for a new venture of life with the lessons of experiential learning.

Under the efficient guidance of Principal Sir, Vice Principal and the staff members, the students enjoyed the tour to the fullest. The support and effective planning of management made the tour an enriching experience for all. 

Written by: Chirag Sir

BTech, BBA & LLB options at University of Petroleum & Energy Studies - Dehradun

The University of Petroleum & Energy Studies offers an interesting range of B.Tech., BBA and LLB courses after 10+2 level.

Please visit for a list of all their courses.

You can find more details of their programmes in their different admission brochures available on:

Please see below for their announcement of the UPES Engineering Aptitude Test (UPESEAT) for admissions for 2012-13:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

AVM Cricket Premier Leagues 2011-12 Updates -1

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Score Card - 7th April 2012

Points Table - 7th April 2012
Leading Players - 7th April 2012

Compiled by: Pankajbhai

Friday, April 6, 2012

रंग-बिरंगे मन के विविध रंग

आत्मीय विद्यामंदिर पाठशाला में दिनांक 31 मार्च 2012 से 01 अप्रेल 2012 तक कलाविद् (आर्ट शिक्षक) श्री.मनीषभाई प्रजापति के मार्गदर्शन में आर्ट मेले का आयोजन  किया गया था। यह रंगो की होली दो दिन तक चली, जिसमें कक्षा 1 से 6 के बच्चों ने अपनी-अपनी कलाओं को ‘क्ले’, रंग, पृष्ठ (कागज़) आदि के माध्यम से प्रदर्शित किया।

सुबह 10:00 बजे से दुपहर 01:00 बजे तक एवं दुपहर भोजन के पश्चात 01 बजे से 03:00 तक इस आर्ट मेले का आयोजन किया गया ।

इस आर्ट मेले को मार्गदर्शन देने के लिए पीडीलाईट (PIDILITE) संस्था के कलाविद् श्री रंजीत ताड़वी  एवं  उनके सहायक सदस्यों को निमंत्रित किया गया।

इस आर्ट मेले में विविध प्रकार की प्रवृतियों का आयोजन किया गया। उसमें  सभी छात्रों को दो जूथ में विभाजित किया गया।

प्रथम जूथ कक्षा 1 से 3 का
द्वितीय जूथ कक्षा 4 से 6 का

जिसमें प्रथम जूथ के लिए — My  Theme, Sticker Painting, Sand Paper Painting, Stick Figures आदि प्रवृत्तियों का निर्माण छात्रालय के प्रार्थना मंदिर में किया गया एवं द्वितीय जूथ के लिए— Paper Quelling Card, Sand Art,Creative Lettering, Shilpkar Mask आदि प्रवृत्तियों का निर्माण पाठशाला के प्राटंगण में किया गया।

इन दो दिन विविध कला एवं रंगो से खिला हुआ आत्मीय विद्यामंदिर ऐसा दिख रहा था मानो एक सजीला  इन्द्रधनुष हो। जहाँ भी दृष्टि घुमाएँ वहाँ एक विचार आकार ले रहा था। हर तरफ़ बच्चे अपनी-आपनी प्रतिभा को दृश्याकर करने में डूबे हुए थे। जगह-जगह दृश्यमान बच्चें ऐसे लग रहे थें जैसे फूलवारी स्वयं आत्मीय विद्यामंदिर में आ गई हो।

कोई क्ले से तो कोई कागज़ से, कोई गोंद से तो कोई पींछी से, कोई शब्दों को सुंदर रूप में मरोड़ रहा था तो कोई आदी मानव की मुखाकृति को वाचा दे रहा था। दृश्य तो बस देखते ही बनता था।

आचार्य श्री, शिक्षक श्री एवं दीदी भी इनसे अछूते नहीं रह पाए, वे भी बच्चों के साथ मिलकर बच्चे बनकर  सभी का उत्साह बढ़ा रहे थें। चारों तरफ़ का वातावरण कला एवं आर्ट मेले के रंग में रंग गया था। हवा भी आर्ट मेले की खुश्बू लिए आत्मीय विद्यामंदिर के प्राटंगण से भी दूर तक जाने को मचल रही थी। बच्चें इतने खुश थें कि वे चाहते थें कि ये प्रवृतियाँ कभी खत्म न हो! किन्तु पुन: आगमन के लिए कुछ समय तक इस  प्रवृतियो बाय-बाय कहने का समय आ गया था, इसलिए पूर्ण-विराम तो नहीं, किन्तु अर्ध विराम लगाना आवश्यक था, अत: 1 अप्रेल 2012 को दुपहर 03:00 बजे इसकी पूर्णाहुति की गई।

रंग एवं कला की है ये दुनियाँ।
कभी आकृति तो कभी विकृति है ये दुनियाँ।
कभी हरी, कभी लाल तो कभी पीली है ये दुनियाँ।
रंग से भरी रंगीन है ये दुनियाँ,
क्योंकि रंगीले मन की है ये दुनियाँ


   मुकेश जोशी
(आत्मीय विद्यामंदिर)