Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Showers of His Divine Blessings

Humdrum of daily routine come to a halt
The devotion buzzed and adoration attuned
hearts overjoyed with a sense of belongingness
and every corner of AVM enthralled
His arrival, like showers on a scorching soil
so rejuvenating and so sanctifying.

Our joy knew no bounds when we had the divine presence of H.D.H Hariprasad Swamiji here at AVM campus on 12th June 2012. It is an incredibly amazing feeling to know that Swamiji remembers us and knows about us from wherever He is and His care and concern for us are irrespective of time and distance. He spares time and visits us so that we are able to be more focused and concentrated in our studies so that we flourish with the talent we are gifted with.

In His meeting with students, this time, before going for videsh vicharan, Swamiji gave certain guidelines to students such as “parents ne raji karva, na awade to teacher nu mathu khavu, Sara mitro no sang rakhvo ane 70% minimum marks and to avoid movies in order to develop an unwavering focus” so that we try our best to live up to these approaches (maxims) and results will be rewarding. Still our fickle mind wanders and sometimes our eyes are off from our goals but for Swamiji’s deep concern and love as He personally comes here to bless us, to restore our clarity of mind and determination towards our goal.

We are sure that we will remain ever happy with His constantly flowing grace upon us; Swamiji’s plans for our life are better, bigger and higher than our dreams.

We are very fortunate that our future is being shaped under His kind guidance (with His divine touch) so that we can be instrumental (nimit bhoolku) to convey the message of Atmiyata to the world tomorrow.

Written by: Yathansh K. Joshi (Std 7)