Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tint of festivity rolling down exam fervour at AVM

As a refreshing spring cools the landscape, after a brief dwelling of examination across the thorough schedule, Atmiya Vidya Mandir cut loose for a day of curl and general hilarity. The cheer of festive elation lit up students’ faces as Holi was celebrated.

In Atmiya Vidya Mandir, splendid occasions of all Indian festivals are observed in a grand manner with the fervour of culture and performance of unique rituals. Holi celebration began with lighting up of the bonfire (Holika Dahan) on the Holi eve. Students acknowledged numerous legends and stories associated with this festival. As the traditional rituals were performed and the different items like coconut, dry fruits and flowers were offered to the sacred fire. The students, teachers and all elders of AVM family moved along the bonfire, their faces glowed in the orange-yellow light of ephemeral flames. The evening breeze scented with the aroma of sweet festive delicacies being prepared in the school kitchen to treat the taste buds with good food adding to the celebration.

The next day, the school declared holiday in the post lunch session which was greeted with cheer by all students after exams. It's time to smear others with vibrant colours and get smeared, too, when everybody got drenched in a myriad of colours at the football ground of the school. The spirit of celebration included the splash of colours coupled with guffaws and giggles with sprinkles of water. As the Atmiyans dressed up in myriad hues of the festival of colours of Holi, all rejoiced in the festivities of the season. It was a day filled with colours, fun, frolic, enthusiasm and above all happiness. Promptly at noon, the craziness came to an end and the tiny tots were dragged by didis back to their rooms and to the showers and the seniors too headed towards the water trough, soon a contented silence befell over Atmiya Vidya Mandir as relaxed with the load of funnnn they just had!!!!!!!!!!

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