Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swamishree’s Visit to AVM and His Encompassing Divine Aura

He loves unconditionally, stabilizing all emotional upheavals...
He guides influentially, channelizing all energies...
He pats affectionately, shedding off all vices...
He speaks persuasively, directing to a meaningful life...
He dwells in our heart, uniting it to the Supreme...
He who awakens, H.D.H. P.P. Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj. 

It was a time worth cherishing, when Swamishree’s lotus feet tread on to the soil of Atmiya Vidya Mandir after several months, re-charging and sanctifying it once again.

The school campus looked like a bejewelled temple awaiting its Lord. The stage was a kaleidoscope of colourful flowers and there was a bustle of activity all around. A welcome ceremony and cultural programme was organized to offer our reverence and gratitude for this long awaited visit. The students sporting colourful attire presented a gratifying cultural programme displaying their improvised creativity, doubled up with Swamishree’s presence. In the ceremony, Swamiji rejoiced listening from Paras Sir about the active participation of all students in different house activities and morning assembly programmes throughout the year. He wore a glad and contented look when Prabhudarshan Sir presented a brief report about implementation of CCE and teachers’ untiring efforts to promote holistic development of the students.

In this magnetic-divine-temple arena field, our music teacher Somnath Sir with a group of students presented melodious bhajans. It all started slowly and gracefully, increased its intensity with a regular tempo and rhythm, with a graceful flowing style and tapered to a soothing end.

The next day, Swamiji first called a meeting of teachers and non teaching staff in the auditorium, where Swamiji explained His noble mission behind this school to gift the society mentally, morally and spiritually strong individuals. In His soul-stirring discourse, He evoked the teachers to teach the students with unconditional love, unshakable devotion and dedication. He made it very clear to the teachers that in this milieu of mutual respect and recognition of personalities between the teachers and students, the latter cannot be just studious but he observes, and teachers should set the example of an ideal life being the role models. Swamiji extended His wish in making of influential personalities like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Swami Vivekanand through Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

The downpour of His blessings proved to be historical this time as Swamiji called a felicitation ceremony for the recently joined prominent members of AVM family, respected Dr. Vijay Patel, Ashish Patel and Mrugesh Patel. In this programme, in the presence of P. Fuvaji, P. Ashokbhai and all elderly members of AVM, Swamiji Himself conveyed students that these members are His choicest and will contribute significantly in all-facet progress of the school. Swamiji expressed His pleasure saying that now the development of the students is ensured by the strong team of academically and spiritually sound teachers in the leadership of respected Vijay Sir, Ashish Sir and P. Swayam Ma’am. Calling out to Him devotionally, they beseeched His grace and guidance.

A memorable evening indeed that would be firmly etched in one’s heart forever including the new members (the principal and the vice-principal) those who are the choicest and most beloved for Him, whose thoughts, actions and heart attuned with SwamiShree’s words and His noble mission for the school.

It is a matter of utmost privilege for the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir that no matter wherever Swamiji goes or with whomsoever He remains …..He always asks for the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. Every time when He returns from His vichran, He wishes to meet AVM students first of all “Badhha Dikarao na Darshan karva chhe”. With this fact of being first in His wish or priority list …students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are destined to lead an ever happy and ever progressive life.

Enshrining students with Master’s touch, Swamiji expressed His wish to personally meet with the students. He counselled the students, meeting them individually, a special energy, a strong vibration and a distinct aura gathers around Him. Students shared their emotional upheavals and distractions, once again they avail the opportunity to be encompassed in His Divya Drishti and being soaked in His loving glance. He spent a considerable time with the students of Std XII. SwamiShree motivated them to concentrate their energy on the set goal of cracking the competition with exceptionally good performance. He suggested them that the negative thoughts should be shunned deriving strength from the God through prayer. “A good student ‘extracts’ the best out of teachers and asks creative questions – he does not ask for dates or facts or mere descriptions, but stimulates the intellect of the teacher”. He strengthened the aspirations of the students to become a Bhoolku Scientist or Bhoolku Engineer following a set routine and consistent effort coupled with prayers. Transmitting the piousness through His sight, words and touch, He bestowed ultimate confidence and positivity upon them.

Reflection of students’ high spirits during Swamiji’s stay in the campus resulted in the phenomenal success of World Maths Day and World Spelling Day. Swamishree chose to visit Atmiya Vidya Mandir when students were juggling with the preparation for final exams and World Wide War of numbers and spellings hence they emerged triumphant.

Swamiji’s visit to AVM was more like the warmth of a blazing flame on the frozen feet…like an unspoken prayer coming out of a joyous heart already heard by the almighty.