Thursday, April 25, 2013

UDAAN 2013

Some of the human emotions are very complex. When someone is happy or sad you can see that on the face and we can also distinctly feel that. But then there are certain emotions which we don’t understand as well as we do not know how to express them. Farewell is one of those events which can be better expressed as a roller coaster of emotions. On one hand as a school we are very proud of how the students have turned out ever since they joined the school and we feel very confident about their success when they go out in this world. On the other hand there is this big void we feel when we realise that we will not be able to see these students anymore, at least not this frequently.

This year’s farewell (UDAAN – Soaring new heights) was all about celebrating the different personalities of these 31 students of class 12. There was a sense of excitement, pride, enthusiasm and lots of energy in building up to the final event of the year. The students of class 11 and the teachers were equal to the task of making a memorable evening for the outgoing students.

Invitation cards and banners were made by the class 11 students well in advance for the event. Few special performances were kept as a part of paying tribute to the senior most students of the school. Plenty of rehearsals, decorations, dance practices, recordings, and video editing dominated the activities in various parts of the school.

The proceedings on the event commenced with the arrival of the students with their parents to the school. All the students coordinated their dressing for the event as they all dressed in formals and were looking very smart and more importantly looking very appropriate for the event. The junior students escorted the senior students with their families to the prayer hall where nicely decorated tables were set up for each of the families.

The whole event was hosted by Shubhambhai Patel and Harshbhai Sarda who did their job admirably well. They were polite, witty, spontaneous and well organised. They started the event by inviting Rajbhai (12 commerce) and Ishanbhai (12 science) to do the Poojan of Thakorji. Then Ateetbhai welcomed P. Fuvaji by presenting him with a bouquet on behalf of all the students. What followed after was simply amazing. There were a series of performances and video presentations for the outgoing students to relive those amazing moments which they shared together in past few years.

Class 11 students prepared a humorous yet emotional skit and an electrifying dance performance which were appreciated by all present in the hall. Respected Somnath sir gave a very emotional tribute by singing a soulful song for the students of class 12. Suhradam sir and students from class 8, 9 prepared a dance on a very special Bhajan appropriate for the event. Leading to the event Sarvajit sir, Nirav bhai, Pankaj bhai and Hiren bhai prepared special video presentations which showed the memorable moments over the years of these students.

All the students felt very special and it is only fair that one of them expressed the gratitude on behalf of all. Vishlesh bhai gave a heart-touching speech on behalf of all the students. He shared some experiences to express how grateful they are. The pleasant surprise came when the senior students arranged a special gift for respected Principal Vijay sir and respected Haresh sir (School Administrator). All the senior students came on the stage and presented the gift together, which made a very memorable moment for everyone. Thankfully for students it wasn’t the only gift of the evening as each of the students received a special bag of gifts prepared by the school administration. It included a year book, customised coffee mug, special photo frame with P.P Swamishree’s smruti and message along with a set of DVDs with P.P Swamishree pravachans as well as a customised photo collection for each student.

Such an important event couldn’t have been concluded without the blessings of P.P Swamishree. A special video clip of P.P Swamishree’s pravachan was prepared for this occasion. P.P. Swamishree stressed the importance of serving the parents with their heart. P.P Swamishree also asked students to remember importance of hard work and prayer regularly to attain success. In the end Vijay sir and P. Fuvaji thanked the parents for putting trust in the school for the overall development of their children. During his speech respected Vijay sir said that the relationship between the students and the school is not ending as it is a lifelong. He advised all the students to be in touch and not to hesitate to talk to any of the teachers in the future when they need help.

The event ended as all the guests were requested to visit a special exhibition prepared by the class 11 students. The exhibition had the pictures of all the students and a collection of quotes better suited to the personalities of each of them.

This event would mark the end of a chapter in the lives of students but also a beginning of a new chapter. The excitement, honesty, determination and exuberance in the body language of the students would serve as promising and auspicious signs for their families, society and the nation.

As a school we are very proud of these students and we wish all of them very best for their future. In conclusion the lines which captured the sentiment of the event:

संस्कृति की धरोहर हरकदम में पाऊँ,

स्वामिश्री के वचनों के साथ चलता जाऊं |

माँ-बाप की सेवासे कभी न दूर में जाऊं,

आत्मीय बनकर राष्ट्र और समाज की सेवा करता जाऊं |

Friday, April 19, 2013

Chilling out in the summer!

The month of March brought many challenges for the students as they had to appear for the final exams of the academic year 2012-13. Normally exams bring fear, nervousness and lot of anxiety for the students. All of these emotions are useful experiences for students going forward and up to a certain extent everybody felt it. But most of the students were looking forward to the challenge. There was a buzz of enthusiasm amongst students. They wanted to work hard and get up to 70% mark which is considered a minimum at AVM. 

But all those extra hours of reading, hard work, practice warranted a huge break at the end of exams. The students really needed to let them loose and feel sense of relief. They would want to go someplace where they can just relax and get ready for the new academic year. 

Fortunately for the students, teachers and management of AVM organised such a wonderful trip to a resort in Daman called, Mirasol. The location meant not too much of travelling still providing a pleasant atmosphere because of its proximity with the ocean waters. 

The resort has wonderful rooms, large dining area, playing grounds, a big water park and its very own swimming pool as well. The students were welcomed with the sight of a swimming pool near by the waiting area. That prompted the students to jump into the swimming pool as they had to wait for a multi cuisine lunch. The house masters and teachers did not waste any opportunity and joined the students in the pool, which only doubled the fun for the kids. 

The evening schedule was filled with some outdoor activities as the students enjoyed boat and train rides. No matter what activity it was, the fun, excitement and enjoyment on the faces of students were visible. The innovation of digital cameras meant all of those moments were captured by majority of the students. Some of them were busy taking snaps while the others gracefully posed for them. 

Post dinner session was a ‘Prabhudarshan sir show’ all the way. In a semi open shade at the resort Prabhudarshan sir organised various games and fun activities to keep students entertained. He along with some other teachers came prepared with some charades, spelling games and bingo. And there were prizes to be won which made students enjoy the evening even more. 

The next day was reserved for the water park, which made students too excited to sleep. They were ready the next day before anyone waking them up (a rare sight I may add). After applying the sun cream on the body, the students could not hold themselves and started with any ride which was available. Students showed amazing amount of energy keep going up and down in various parts of the park. The lunch time could not have come soon enough for the teachers who could not keep up with the students. 

As the time of closing and departure came close students threw themselves in water rides and enjoyed to the fullest. The manager and the staff at the resort were very helpful and made sure that the students and teachers have a good time. 

The philosophers and writers always say that a time away from daily routine energise us and bring freshness so that we can be ready for the new challenge, and after such a joyride we would have to agree with them.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

School Tour: Our experiences

Tour- the word brings excitement, enjoyment, lots of fun, laughter and tour with friends means all the emotions multiply. 

Our final exams were going on. Pressure of studies, hectic schedule of revision, everyone was busy in his own way. No one had time for chatting, cutting jokes, teasing etc. 

On the last day of exam, all of a sudden, the news of school tour flashed and spread like a forest fire. For us, it worked as cool drops of water on the stretch of hot sand. 

Every one started planning for the tour with great excitement and enthusiasm. It was hard to control the joy. 

The journey: It had to begin on 28th March, at 8 a.m. after breakfast. That day, we felt that the morning dawned brightly. There was a ripple of joy in our hearts and a smile on our lips. Even the tortoise brand slow eaters also finished their breakfast fast and we were told to board on the bus. We didn’t forget to start our journey with prayer. After that the bus was filled with songs, laughter, screams of dancing boys. On the midway cream-rolls were served. 

The stay: After two and half hrs. we reached our destination, Mirasol Water Park and Resort. We were welcomed by welcome drink and allotted our rooms. “Wow” and “Aha” etc. were the reactions on entering the rooms. We changed quickly and went to swimming pool, a swim after journey, what a soothing experience! 

The food: The lunch at Mirasol was delicious consisting a variety of items. Colourful salad, tandoori roti, cool butter milk, all time favourite ‘paneer’, tadka dal were the delicacies along with rasagulla in dessert. 

The dinner and next day breakfast also had many varieties of our choice. 

In the room: After lunch, it was rest time. Who wanted to take rest? T.V. was a great attraction, programmes of our choice too, we were on the seventh heaven. ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Savdhan India’, ‘Comedy Circus’ were the few choices. 

Fun in water park: The 28th evening, was full of different activities. In the wave-pool, we swam, jumped, splashed water on each other. It was great fun. The toy train journey and boating multiplied our enjoyment. 

In Vaibhav Water park, next day i.e. 29th, we had great fun in different rides. 

Other attractions: Magic show on 28th night was full of fun. Everyone kept thinking about the performance of the magician. 

The dance party: It was after dinner. We danced till our legs began to ache. 

McDonald’s- After having fun the whole day on 29th, the next attraction was snacks at McDonald’s. 

Back to pavilion: On return journey, most of us were tired so some slept in the bus, others watched children’s movies. We arrived at hostel by half past eight, changed, drank milk and went to bed for a sweet sound sleep. 

The two days of fun and enjoyment came to an end but the hangover continued for few days with sharing our tour experience. 

We felt that this type of tours are necessary for us because they, 
  • provide us opportunity to enjoy holidays and to use new rights. 
  • give us relief from monotony of daily routine. 
  • give chance to share our ideas and food with our friends. 
  • help us to increase our G.K., means it imparts education.
Perhaps in this way, experience through travel teach us what books never do alone. So, it is rightly said that, 

"Tour is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." 

School Tour: Our experiences by:

Devang Patel (Std. 6), Megh Rathod (Std. 5), Niramay Mehta (Std. 4), Jagrat Sandesara (Std. 4), Nishkam Patel (Std. 3)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art explosion by creative geniuses of AVM

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the post exam hilarity continued with different activities spouting unbounded fun and joy to the students . This time, it was the creativity under the churn, making the little Picasso...producing instant artists.

Exhilarating their imagination and fostering their aesthetic senses, The Art and Craft department of the school, in guidance of Manish Sir, organised an art and craft workshop for the students of classes 1st to 6th. This workshop was held in association with Pidilite Industries, a well known name in the world of art, craft and creativity. The students of I to VI Std participated in this workshop where in the specially trained staff, experts and artisans from Pidilite, along with the school’s hostel staff and Manish Sir instructed and guided the students step by step on how to create stunning multi-colour art, vibrant and dazzling images with amazing colour combinations to create seamless rainbow designs. It was bursts of inspiration, allowing kids to explore their imagination in a different way. The children were joyfully practising on easy designs with their hand’s natural motions, choosing nicest colour as if brightening their world.

The muddle of mixed paints, the mess of palates and brushes, the numerous innovation of unborn shades with some spills and no clean up...nearly novel designs and new patterns.... it was all free self-expression and spontaneity under creative process. Thus, this workshop increased art skills and self-discovery of the students to relieve creative blocks.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tint of festivity rolling down exam fervour at AVM

As a refreshing spring cools the landscape, after a brief dwelling of examination across the thorough schedule, Atmiya Vidya Mandir cut loose for a day of curl and general hilarity. The cheer of festive elation lit up students’ faces as Holi was celebrated.

In Atmiya Vidya Mandir, splendid occasions of all Indian festivals are observed in a grand manner with the fervour of culture and performance of unique rituals. Holi celebration began with lighting up of the bonfire (Holika Dahan) on the Holi eve. Students acknowledged numerous legends and stories associated with this festival. As the traditional rituals were performed and the different items like coconut, dry fruits and flowers were offered to the sacred fire. The students, teachers and all elders of AVM family moved along the bonfire, their faces glowed in the orange-yellow light of ephemeral flames. The evening breeze scented with the aroma of sweet festive delicacies being prepared in the school kitchen to treat the taste buds with good food adding to the celebration.

The next day, the school declared holiday in the post lunch session which was greeted with cheer by all students after exams. It's time to smear others with vibrant colours and get smeared, too, when everybody got drenched in a myriad of colours at the football ground of the school. The spirit of celebration included the splash of colours coupled with guffaws and giggles with sprinkles of water. As the Atmiyans dressed up in myriad hues of the festival of colours of Holi, all rejoiced in the festivities of the season. It was a day filled with colours, fun, frolic, enthusiasm and above all happiness. Promptly at noon, the craziness came to an end and the tiny tots were dragged by didis back to their rooms and to the showers and the seniors too headed towards the water trough, soon a contented silence befell over Atmiya Vidya Mandir as relaxed with the load of funnnn they just had!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013