Monday, May 27, 2013

AVM where Excellence is a Habit

Looking at history is a fascinating and enriching experience. It tells us so bluntly, clearly and so wisely the ways to achieve success and happiness. The single most important point, however, that one can witness looking at all the major events is the need of a friend, philosopher and guide in one's life, a saint in any form, so to say.

To list some glaring examples, there was a Chanakya for Chandragupta; there was an angel sent by God to guide Moses; the three kings were led by the Star of Bethlehem to the just born Jesus Christ; Hanumanji blessed and inspired Sant Tulsidasji; Shivaji saved by Samarth Ramdas; Swami Vivekanand guided by Ramkrishna Paramhans. The list really is endless.

The Atmiya Vidya Mandir students and teachers are very fortunate to have a beacon in form of His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji to guide us in our joys, sorrows and most importantly, in the journey of life.

Swamiji had given a special recipe of success to AVM students:
  1. Earnest prayer
  2. Sincere hard work
  3. Company of good friends
During Swamiji's visit to AVM, on 29th September 2012, He had made the entire school repeat after Him "70% must, must, must, must" and "No below 70%" and also written a fax on 14th February 2013 mentioning "69% marks joiyej nahi".

And our dearest students of Std 12 followed it all to the word!

They have set a benchmark for the batches to come at AVM. It was a beautifully concerted effort involving the students, teachers, hostel staff, dining staff, administration team and the school security staff.

With Swamiji's blessings, all this has materialised in the form of excellence conveyed in the results.

We would like to wish the students, their parents and teachers many congratulations for such an outstanding performance! The journey of excellence, well, continues.

Following are statistical highlights for AVM's Class 12 Results:
  • Total number of students appeared: 31 (Science + Commerce)
  • Students above 90%:                       16
  • Students between 80% to 90%:    11
  • Students between 70% to 80%:    4
  • In Mathematics, 7 students above 90%
  • In the Science class, only 1 student had opted for Biology, and he scored above 90%
  • In Accountancy, 10 students above 90%

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