Monday, June 30, 2014

Health & Nutrition Awareness Seminar

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when all the atmiyans of class VI to XII garnered at the Atmiya Prarthana Mandir, to receive and expand their knowledge on the importance of nutritional diet and physical fitness.

The guests were warmly welcomed and were escorted to the stage by our school’s principal Dr Vijay Patel. A very enthusiastic Prabhudarshan sir introduced the guests and explained to all the purpose of the session.

The session then started with poojan of Shri Thakorji and by seeking the blessing from the almighty. Dear Sachinbhai, Dhwanitbhai and Vinamrabhai welcomed the guests by offering them bouquet.

Dr Dinesh Sutaria, the coordinator of the session, gave brief introduction about his team and requested them to educate us with all the knowledge that they had.

Dr Lalit Kachhadiya, a dietian and nutritionist, gave us a presentation on the importance of nutritional diet. He explained the various merits and demerits of different types of food items that we eat on a regular basis. He also described in details an ideal diet intake with the defined nutritional value needed on a regular basis. He further explained the advantages of having a balanced diet and to avoid dieting or fasting to keep the body fit without the consent of a doctor.

Dr Satvik Govani, a physiotherapist, shed light on the importance of physical fitness and of regular exercise. He talked about the disorders that arise due to not exercising on a daily basis. Various tips were discussed by him on how to be fit and healthy including having a balanced diet and daily exercise. He concluded his presentation by responding to queries and doubts of students.

This very informative session then ended with vote of thanks by respected Vijay Sir to all the guests for their time and guidance and appealed to all to lead a healthy and fit life.

Reported by: Lalit Desai (Class 12 Science)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Interschool Volleyball & Basketball Competition 2014

Atmiya Vidya Mandir have started the 2014-15 campaign in sports with a bang as they won the first interschool competition of the year. School’s U14 team was the runaway winner at the interschool volleyball competition at Shri Ramkrishna Harikrishna Academy, Kamrej.

Such was the dominant display of the boys from AVM that they reached final without even breaking a sweat as the opposition teams could not even reach the double figure in points. The final was against the home team of Ramkrishna Academy. They gave a stern test in the first set as AVM boys barely won the set with the score of 26-24. However they picked up the pace in the second set and won the set very convincingly with the score of 25-10.

Playing away from the home ground is always challenging, especially to the young students, but the school volleyball team showed mental toughness and top level skills to clinch the first title of the year. Dev T Patel from class 9A was the star performer for the team as his overall contribution was very significant and it made the task easier.

The Basketball U-16 team also showed some great resilience and promise as they got beaten narrowly with a single point margin. With key players missing due to studies in higher classes it was always going to be an uphill task, but the younger boys showed what they can do in coming years as the team bowed out of the competition.

Congratulations to both the coaches Ritesh sir (Volleyball) and Bankim sir (Basketball) for good showing and a good beginning of the year. We also congratulate the participant students who made the school proud.

Monday, June 2, 2014

As you sow so shall you reap.

Nature teaches us a lot of things and one of them is the Law of the Harvest. Ploughing is the first step where the farmer ploughs the field and sows the seed, which can be compared to teaching and learning in the school at the beginning of the year when the syllabus of each subject is covered by the teacher in the class meticulously. Just like the farmers and his team, the teachers and the students have to work extremely hard to learn the concepts.

Preservation is the second step where the farmer takes care of his farm, gives adequate water to the plants, removes the weeds, sprays adequate fertilizers, etc. Similarly this is the time when the syllabus is over and the teachers ask the students to revise the concepts they have learnt. It is the time when the students clarify their doubts arising through perfect practice. This is a tough time when prayers are used to revive your faith that you will reap what you have sown.

Finally the time comes for the harvest and the farmers produce their crop and reap their profits. It takes the farmer months of hard work, patience and faith to reap his result.

The students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir have imbibed this law of nature and worked extremely hard, purposefully. They followed up on whatever the teachers asked them to do. Just before the exam, P.P. Swamishree visited the school, showered His blessings on the students and asked them to resort to prayers in time of need. Students regularly revived their faith in times of stress through prayers.

So we understand that just like in farming, in studies too, one has to build a strong foundation through planning and preparation, making sacrifices where needed, having incredible patience and persistence and combining competency with timelines which our students did and proved to themselves as you sow so shall you reap.

Total 36 students appeared for the 12th CBSE exams in March this year, out of which:

  • 11 students scored above 90%,
  • 13 students scored between 80% to 90%,
  • 10 students scored between 70% to 80% 
  • 2 students score between 60% to 70%. 

The science class average was 83.4% and commerce class average was 87.6%.



Congratulations to all our 12th students, their parents and teachers!!!