Friday, April 19, 2013

Chilling out in the summer!

The month of March brought many challenges for the students as they had to appear for the final exams of the academic year 2012-13. Normally exams bring fear, nervousness and lot of anxiety for the students. All of these emotions are useful experiences for students going forward and up to a certain extent everybody felt it. But most of the students were looking forward to the challenge. There was a buzz of enthusiasm amongst students. They wanted to work hard and get up to 70% mark which is considered a minimum at AVM. 

But all those extra hours of reading, hard work, practice warranted a huge break at the end of exams. The students really needed to let them loose and feel sense of relief. They would want to go someplace where they can just relax and get ready for the new academic year. 

Fortunately for the students, teachers and management of AVM organised such a wonderful trip to a resort in Daman called, Mirasol. The location meant not too much of travelling still providing a pleasant atmosphere because of its proximity with the ocean waters. 

The resort has wonderful rooms, large dining area, playing grounds, a big water park and its very own swimming pool as well. The students were welcomed with the sight of a swimming pool near by the waiting area. That prompted the students to jump into the swimming pool as they had to wait for a multi cuisine lunch. The house masters and teachers did not waste any opportunity and joined the students in the pool, which only doubled the fun for the kids. 

The evening schedule was filled with some outdoor activities as the students enjoyed boat and train rides. No matter what activity it was, the fun, excitement and enjoyment on the faces of students were visible. The innovation of digital cameras meant all of those moments were captured by majority of the students. Some of them were busy taking snaps while the others gracefully posed for them. 

Post dinner session was a ‘Prabhudarshan sir show’ all the way. In a semi open shade at the resort Prabhudarshan sir organised various games and fun activities to keep students entertained. He along with some other teachers came prepared with some charades, spelling games and bingo. And there were prizes to be won which made students enjoy the evening even more. 

The next day was reserved for the water park, which made students too excited to sleep. They were ready the next day before anyone waking them up (a rare sight I may add). After applying the sun cream on the body, the students could not hold themselves and started with any ride which was available. Students showed amazing amount of energy keep going up and down in various parts of the park. The lunch time could not have come soon enough for the teachers who could not keep up with the students. 

As the time of closing and departure came close students threw themselves in water rides and enjoyed to the fullest. The manager and the staff at the resort were very helpful and made sure that the students and teachers have a good time. 

The philosophers and writers always say that a time away from daily routine energise us and bring freshness so that we can be ready for the new challenge, and after such a joyride we would have to agree with them.

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