Tuesday, April 16, 2013

School Tour: Our experiences

Tour- the word brings excitement, enjoyment, lots of fun, laughter and tour with friends means all the emotions multiply. 

Our final exams were going on. Pressure of studies, hectic schedule of revision, everyone was busy in his own way. No one had time for chatting, cutting jokes, teasing etc. 

On the last day of exam, all of a sudden, the news of school tour flashed and spread like a forest fire. For us, it worked as cool drops of water on the stretch of hot sand. 

Every one started planning for the tour with great excitement and enthusiasm. It was hard to control the joy. 

The journey: It had to begin on 28th March, at 8 a.m. after breakfast. That day, we felt that the morning dawned brightly. There was a ripple of joy in our hearts and a smile on our lips. Even the tortoise brand slow eaters also finished their breakfast fast and we were told to board on the bus. We didn’t forget to start our journey with prayer. After that the bus was filled with songs, laughter, screams of dancing boys. On the midway cream-rolls were served. 

The stay: After two and half hrs. we reached our destination, Mirasol Water Park and Resort. We were welcomed by welcome drink and allotted our rooms. “Wow” and “Aha” etc. were the reactions on entering the rooms. We changed quickly and went to swimming pool, a swim after journey, what a soothing experience! 

The food: The lunch at Mirasol was delicious consisting a variety of items. Colourful salad, tandoori roti, cool butter milk, all time favourite ‘paneer’, tadka dal were the delicacies along with rasagulla in dessert. 

The dinner and next day breakfast also had many varieties of our choice. 

In the room: After lunch, it was rest time. Who wanted to take rest? T.V. was a great attraction, programmes of our choice too, we were on the seventh heaven. ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Savdhan India’, ‘Comedy Circus’ were the few choices. 

Fun in water park: The 28th evening, was full of different activities. In the wave-pool, we swam, jumped, splashed water on each other. It was great fun. The toy train journey and boating multiplied our enjoyment. 

In Vaibhav Water park, next day i.e. 29th, we had great fun in different rides. 

Other attractions: Magic show on 28th night was full of fun. Everyone kept thinking about the performance of the magician. 

The dance party: It was after dinner. We danced till our legs began to ache. 

McDonald’s- After having fun the whole day on 29th, the next attraction was snacks at McDonald’s. 

Back to pavilion: On return journey, most of us were tired so some slept in the bus, others watched children’s movies. We arrived at hostel by half past eight, changed, drank milk and went to bed for a sweet sound sleep. 

The two days of fun and enjoyment came to an end but the hangover continued for few days with sharing our tour experience. 

We felt that this type of tours are necessary for us because they, 
  • provide us opportunity to enjoy holidays and to use new rights. 
  • give us relief from monotony of daily routine. 
  • give chance to share our ideas and food with our friends. 
  • help us to increase our G.K., means it imparts education.
Perhaps in this way, experience through travel teach us what books never do alone. So, it is rightly said that, 

"Tour is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." 

School Tour: Our experiences by:

Devang Patel (Std. 6), Megh Rathod (Std. 5), Niramay Mehta (Std. 4), Jagrat Sandesara (Std. 4), Nishkam Patel (Std. 3)

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