Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art explosion by creative geniuses of AVM

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the post exam hilarity continued with different activities spouting unbounded fun and joy to the students . This time, it was the creativity under the churn, making the little Picasso...producing instant artists.

Exhilarating their imagination and fostering their aesthetic senses, The Art and Craft department of the school, in guidance of Manish Sir, organised an art and craft workshop for the students of classes 1st to 6th. This workshop was held in association with Pidilite Industries, a well known name in the world of art, craft and creativity. The students of I to VI Std participated in this workshop where in the specially trained staff, experts and artisans from Pidilite, along with the school’s hostel staff and Manish Sir instructed and guided the students step by step on how to create stunning multi-colour art, vibrant and dazzling images with amazing colour combinations to create seamless rainbow designs. It was bursts of inspiration, allowing kids to explore their imagination in a different way. The children were joyfully practising on easy designs with their hand’s natural motions, choosing nicest colour as if brightening their world.

The muddle of mixed paints, the mess of palates and brushes, the numerous innovation of unborn shades with some spills and no clean up...nearly novel designs and new patterns.... it was all free self-expression and spontaneity under creative process. Thus, this workshop increased art skills and self-discovery of the students to relieve creative blocks.

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