Monday, July 26, 2010

Shivam House Week – Born to prosper...

Following the benchmark of excellence set by the Satyam House students, it was only obvious to keep up with the standards set and that was exactly what was witnessed during the Shivam House Week!

The week started off with the auspicious event of Rathyatra. Hetbhai (Class 8) explained the true meaning of Rathyatra. He explained that:
• the soul is Rathi - owner of the `chariot' which is the body,
• the intellect is the Sarathi - driver,
• the mind is the rein,
• the senses are the horses,
• the Panch Vishayas - material objects of the five senses – are the fields of pasture for the horses.
• the person whose Sarathi - intellect - is wise, whose mind fully controls the senses, can traverse Samsaar to reach the desired goal - the Lord's abode.

He further informed that on this auspicious day, as per the tradition, the deities of Jagannath Mandir (Orissa) are installed into a huge rath and devotees pull it through the streets. The local king used to serve by humbly sweeping the road ahead with a golden broom.

The softboard theme was also chosen as Unity by the house. One softboard had a divine glow of the spiritual meaning of Unity – that of the mann, buddhi, chitt and aham. It gave out a clear message that the oneness of these four faculties was very essential for any success in life.

The other softboard had a dynamic flow highlighting the contributions in different areas by the people of the North, East, West and South zones of India. Everyday of the week had a different flavour based on these zones. Against the timeline of events, the increasingly reducing maps of India were displayed and the young onlookers were appealed to do something about stopping the disintegration, solution being to forget the differences and to UNITE!

Unity was the theme for the Saturday Creative Assembly. Due to the school picnic to Chhab Chhaba Chhab, it was kept on Monday instead of Saturday. The Juniors performed a very lively dance-drama based on the fact that if we work together we can do anything and everything. The story was “hola upaad” in which a hunter catches some birds in his net. The students depicted the struggling of the birds and their flying off with the net being united.
The Seniors performed a drama that highlighted the two perspectives of Unity - destructive and the one for good cause. Taking into account some AVM based experiences, the drama conveyed both perspectives in a simple yet effective manner.

The week, hence concluded with an enlightening message of the need for Unity within so as to prosper within and the need for Unity in the country so as to make India prosper.

The softboard had a very appealing statement of HDH Hariprasad Swamiji which kind of summarised the week’s events:
As long as there is no harmony within an individual, there cannot be peace within a family,
As long as there is no harmony within a family, there cannot be peace within a society,
As long as there is no harmony within a society, there cannot be peace within a nation.”

The choice is ours!

Compiled by: Het Adhvaryu (Class 8 - Shivam House)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teacher and Student: Poems by Class 8 Students

Guru Gyaan by Samay Jain

Guru Seva by Yash Chhatani and Parth Patel

Teacher and Me by Ronak Mistry

My Teacher
- Aakash and Akshay

O My Teacher I bow to you by Kenny and Bhavik

Teacher and Student by Pratipal and Harshit

Teacher and Student by Samay Jain and Aditya Killa

Valuable gem of my life by Satyam, Parikshit and Manan

You are the one my teacher - Tanmay and Dhruv

Friday, July 23, 2010

The students of Satyam house feel honoured and proud to be the house week beginners!

India is known for “Unity in Diversity” and the same is true for Atmiya Vidya Mandir, too. The new academic year commenced with a new zeal, excitement and a determination to do something creative and unique which is aimed to provide real life exposure along with strong academics to the students.

This gave birth to the “Students’ Council” wherein students were formally elected for the positions of Head boy, Vice-Head boy and Sports Captain. Moreover, prefects were selected from every class for each house – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam. The sole objective of this was to bring to the fore and nurture the latent talents and skills of the students.

Sarthak Jariwala, Yash Pachchigar and Vikas Patel were elected as the Head Boy, Vice-Head Boy and the Sports Captain of the school, respectively.

On 29th June, we celebrated the “Investiture Ceremony” in which the Head boy, Vice-Head boy and the Sports Captain of the school took an oath for their duty and service as the representative of the the Students’ Council.

One of the new things Atmiya Vidya Mandir has started this year is celebrating the morning assemblies (and the creative assembly on Saturdays) and decorating the Display Boards on a theme by the Houses – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam every week, respectively.

Satyam House got the opportunity to celebrate the Morning Assemblies for the first week. The House was launched on Tuesday, the 6th July with Parade and Music by the House Captain, Vice-Captain and the prefects from each class followed by a speech by the Vice-Captain, Harsh Sarda (Grade VIII) who spoke on the mission of Satyam House, which is – Truth Prevails, and Atmiyata. On other days of the week, students presented small skits on Unity and Atmiyata. Love Patel (Grade VIII) addressed the assembly on the topic – Atmiyata.

On Saturday (16th July), Satyam House presented the first Creative Assembly of the year on the value – Discipline. The value was presented in the form of a mime (i.e. Do’s and Don’ts of our daily schedule in Hostel, Prayer Hall, Dining Hall and the Classroom) and a speech on discipline by Sumit Chaudhary of Grade VIII A.

Display Boards were creatively decorated on the theme “The Significance of Values in Our Life”. Through Display Boards Satyam House tried to emphasize that Education = Academics + Values. Without values, education is worthless. It was shown that Academics earn you a living and Values teach you how to make life. Biographies of highly successful people who lived and are still living a value based life were also displayed, e.g. John Wooden, Narayan Murthy, Ratan Tata, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and Amitabh Bachchan. Based on the display boards, students were asked questions, e.g. which is the most important value for a successful life? Students dropped awesome answers for the same.

During the course of the week, House has presented before the students the values of the month through various activities. The students had great time and learnt a lot together throughout the week. In a nutshell, it was a great learning experience for students. Stay tuned to receive more updates from Satyam house on the value “Being proactive” next month.

Written by: Paras Sir

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Pulse of Excitement and Entertainment at Chhab Chhaba Chhab!

The humdrum routine was at its defiance and the sunny sweaty day was ridiculed by students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir as they were sliding, surfing and swimming at a well-known water park near Surat -  ‘Chhab Chhaba Chhab’. It was picnic time!

The 17th of July Saturday morning was flavored with zesty fervor as students from I to XI aloud with teachers and hostel staff moved to beat the heat at a nearby water park. It was a refreshing outing as all the students were at aquatic adventure.

As soon as the buses reached the water park the teachers and house masters were more like a shepherd holding their respective group and Students were bubbling out with excitement to take a dip. Soon all of them swarmed in towards the array of water rides rolling in their swimming costume. The tiny tots were there in an interactive water play having adventure combined with lots of physical activities along with their Didis and teachers who were at a role play of pool- guard. There were multi-level platforms, water effects, water games, a large tipping bucket and many other surprises to delight.

The taller and hardy souls were all set to put the pulse at its race when they took a super loop ride. Some of them were munching their excitement at Aqua Glide, Aqua Trail, Crazy Cruise, and Zip Zap Loom - the water slides, while some children preferred to feel the experience of skimming through the thin waters of a sheet and enjoy the slide as they safely landed into the water. The senior boys along with the teachers and house masters enjoyed some amazing in swirls making it a rarest roller coaster. They splashed and plunged and surfed and swam but did not stop till the hoot of the siren from the manager reminded them of their shrinking belly. It was time to relish at the delicious food.

After the scrumptious bites, the students were back to the water slides having their energy and spirit high and at its peak. The sloppy and slippery rides were highly commanding to those Happy-Go-Lucky fellows to take an aqua-Shake. The Centre of attraction was the wave pool which was a perfect hallucination of sea-waves. Finally at the end, the exhausted yet merrier, students were to grab their seat in the bus to get back to the home away home and get ready with yet another exciting week ahead.

Written by: Seema Madam

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Student's Creation

नीम का पेड़
पार्थ पटेल , कक्षा ८

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Newsletter for the month of June, 2010

Dear Parent,
“Learning is a lifetime process, but there comes a time when we must stop adding and start updating.” 
At Atmiya Vidya Mandir we believe that learning is not confined up to the students. We are keen to upgrade and empower the teachers with the guidance of able educationists and efficient faculties, hence a teacher’s training programme and workshop was conducted in the first week of June. The Principal of D.P.S. Harni (Vadodara), Mr.A.K.Sinha, who has been in the education field since last three decades with an excellent track record, addressed the training session. Under his guidance and from his expertise, teachers received a wonderful insight into teaching. He shared his experiences with teachers to prepare them for a better assistance to the students in the learning process. He visits the school very frequently on a fortnight basis to update and enhance the teaching skills of teachers.
In today’s fast growing world change is inevitable and Atmiya Vidya Mandir is always open for changes and development. For example, we have welcomed CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment) as the basis of student’s holistic development. In order to implement it successfully in the school, a detailed discussion and presentation was organized during the training sessions.
This month offered many reasons to celebrate and among them, most remarkable was performance of grade X students in the CBSE board exams. The very first batch of X Std has passed the exams with flying colours. Out of 24 students who appeared in the exam, 13 students scored above 9 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Per Assessment) and Sarthakbhai Jariwala showed outstanding performance by getting 10 CGPA out of 10 CGPA. Manthvya Patel remained on the edge by scoring 9.8 CGPA. A felicitation programme was held to celebrate this glittering success of all students of X Std.
As Atmiya Family is growing day by day, a new and spacious dining hall was added to meet the demands of the increased strength of the school which is about 520 students this year. It was inaugurated by performing a “Mahapuja” by the saints from Haridham.
 In order to develop a sense of social responsibility as well as leadership qualities in students, first time ever, a very comprehensive student-council was formed for which the first round of election was organized. Students cast their valuable vote through electronic voting system to elect candidates for three posts. Out of the nominees from IX and XI Std Sarthakbhai Jariwala from XI (Science) bagged maximum votes for the post of Head Boy and Yashbhai Pachhigar from IX Std was elected for the post of Vice Head Boy. Vikasbhai Patel from IX received maximum votes for the post of Sports Captain.
A welcome party was arranged to cheer the newcomers and for ice-breaking. The welcome party proved to be a fun-filled get-to-gather for all the students. All of them enjoyed the party, a marvelous cultural programme was presented by students of IX and XI std. It was a nice opportunity for all the new students to get along with one another and be a part of Atmiya Vidya Mandir family.
It is rightly said that “learning does not happen in classroom” therefore, in the second last week of the month, Students of grade I, II and III went to amusement park to have fun and frolic. The tiny-tots had unbounded joy with their teachers and Didis in this trip. Students of grade VI,VII and VIII went for a field trip to Kim where they visited textile factory and power looms. It was a very good learning experience for them as they got an opportunity to closely observe the procedure of weaving of thousand of threads altogether to make fabric. Yet another happening in Atmiya Vidya Mandir was a feast arranged by students of grade XI to thank their teachers for their benign support and constant penance.
For the month of June and July, we are celebrating “Towards Atmiyata through Respect, Discipline, and Unity” as the values of the month. During the morning and the evening assemblies, through different thoughts, dramas, speeches and stories, students are inspired to practice these values in their day to day life.
Towards the end of this month, both academic and co-curricular activities are on full swing due to the sincere and joint efforts of teachers, students and hostel staff to reach the destination of achieving a better tomorrow.
Wish u a fantastic month ahead. For detailed updates kindly, visit the school blog at (
Warm regards,
Atmiya Family

Inter-House Table Tennis Competition

Competition breeds excellence!

It has been a dream for the Founder of the Atmiya Vidya Mandir: H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj that there be an environment of keen competition and yet true sportsmanship in the school. One could easily witness that dream manifest during the inter-house table tennis competition that took place on the 9-10 July 2010 at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

The cheering and backing up of the fellow housemates, the anxious shouts of the house teachers, the disappointments due to some bad shots and the excitement due to some shots by the players and overall a very high-energy, thrilling, suspense-packed competition was witnessed in the table tennis court in the basement of the Admin building.

This was the second inter-house competition of the year and turned out to be an awesome clash of the titans, literally!

Satyam House turned out to be the overall winners including both the Junior (Classes 6-7) as well as the Senior (Classes 8-9-10-11) categories.

Jilbhai Patel of Class 7 and Harshbhai Sarda of Class 8 were the champions in the respective categories.

Sundaram House were the runner-up in the competition followed by the Shivam House at the third place and Suhradam House at fourth.

Having said that, actually it was Excellence and the Courage of all the students that won the competition…..and we look forward to many such victories.

Do come along!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AVM goes festive!

Atmiya Family lives a life that never gets tired to enjoy!

Besides rigorous study schedule, with a harmonious mix of variant creed Atmiya Family has always a reason to celebrate; all the festivals have retained their uniqueness as they are celebrated here with deep fervour. Most of the celebrations are woven around religious occasions.

The whole of Atmiya Vidya Mandir sprang up with joy as uproarious festivity proposes many mood of merriment. To begin with the festive season, it was the time to celebrate Rathyatra: the festival which is unique in a way that it beckons an interesting blend of east and the west. The festival marks the return of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra to their home Vrindavan after a long gap. According to puranas, Jagannath is the reincarnation of Lord Krishna.

A big chariot was arranged by the hostel staff for the procession of these deities and students adorn the chariot with flowers. In the chariot, they kept the clay images of Jagannath, his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra.

The saints from Haridham did pujan of Thakorji and the deities. They also accompanied the chariots along with the students. Devotional songs were played and procession moved throughout the school premises with the sound of drums, tambourines, trumpets etc.. They pulled the holy chariot paving their way through the school premises by singing, dancing, and distributing packets of prasadam.

Though students enjoyed a lot but they also understood that all the festivals have some profound meaning in it and they have some pragmatic purpose as well.

Written by: Seema Madam

Monday, July 12, 2010

Students' Creations

7 Sutras of Success from Classroom - Abhishek Ariwala (9A)

The Cry - Pranshu Savani (9A)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

मान - सम्मान - आदर

प्रभु के चक्षु से बहता पानी

आज प्रभु के चक्षु से बह रहा था पानी।

जैसे, बह रहा हो झरना, सुना रहा हो कहानी।।

प्रभु की सर्जित दुनिया में –

आज मनुष्य द्वारा मनुष्य की हो रही थी निलामी।

जैसे आग का दरिया और समुद्र का खारा पानी।।

आज प्रभु के चक्षु से...

प्रेम से सँवारकर प्रभु ने मनुष्य की मूरत बनाई।

मूल्यों से सजाकर उसने हम से लीला करवाई।।

खुश हुआ प्रभु , हाँ...... खुश हुआ प्रभु ।

जब मनुष्य ने आत्मीयता की अलख जगाई।।

अरे! आज क्या हुआ मनुज को -

अरे! आज क्या हुआ मनुज को –

जो उसने अपनों की ही खिल्ली उड़ाई।।

आज प्रभु के चक्षु से...

मनुष्य ही मनुष्य का कर रहा था अनादर।

नफ़रत की सभी ने ओढ़ ली थी चादर।।

जिस धर्म ने सभी को जुड़ना सिखाया।

उसी धर्म के वास्ते, हाँ, आज उसी धर्म के वास्ते,

सभी मनुष्यों ने एक-दूजे का खून बहाया।

अतः प्रभु ने सभी को अपने आँसू से नहलाया।।


आज प्रभु के चक्षु से बह रहा था पानी।

जैसे, बह रहा हो झरना, सुना रहा हो कहानी।।

- निहारिका

जीवन रूपी बगिया का माली – प्रभु !...

हे प्रभु !...

यह जीवन एक बगिया और तुम हो माली।

हम सब की डोर तुमने ही सँभाली।

जब कभी मुसीबतों की आँधी आई,

मेरी झुकती हुई डाली, तुमने ही सहलाई।।

जीवन रूपी बगिया में,

वात्सल्य की फुहार बहाकर,

प्रेमरूपी वर्षा का पानी बरसाकर।

हे प्रभु! तुमने यह पुष्प का चमन तो खिलाया।

मगर साथ में काँटों का सरताज क्यों पहनाया।।

फूलों की खुशबू से जीवन हुआ खुशहाल,

पर काँटों की चुभन ने तो, जीना किया दुशवार।।

हे प्रभु! अब तू ही बता अपना यह हाल मैं किसे सुनाउँ!

तेरे सिवा न किसी ओर को अपने इर्द-गिर्द पाऊँ।।

काँटों की चुभन को तू सहना सीखा दे।

इसकी चुभन सहकर भी खुश रहना सीखा दे।

सीखा दे वह सब कुछ जो कुछ तू हमसे चाहता।।

हे प्रभु! जीवन रूपी बगिया का जब तू माली बन बैठा,

तो अब जीवन के दुख-दर्द से हमारा क्या वासता।

हे प्रभु ! हे प्रभु ! हे प्रभु ! ....

- निहारिका

Students' Poems

AVM Star Voice Hunt 2010-11

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it…..”  beseeching the same was the common spirit among the students and teachers of Atmiya Vidya Mandir on this Saturday evening(3rd July 2010) as they were enjoying the first ever solo singing contest: Star Voice Of AVM.   

After the audition and elimination round amongst 500 students, 12 best singers from all four houses were selected to perform with their inherent talent in singing.  Mantavya Patel of Class XI and Tarak Trivedi of Class II played genial hosts for the evening, keeping the audience entertained with their witty comments and quick repartees.

The programme began with lighting of the auspicious lamp and pujan of Thakorji. The budding singers went on to enthrall the audience with their well-tuned performances.

The prayer hall resonated with claps and cheers as this most exciting and first inter-house competition for 2010-11 began in Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The first performance was an enchanting folk  song by Utsav of I Std from Satyam House, it was followed by yet another amazing song by little master Megh from 3rd Std of Shivam House. Next was a captivating song sung by Nirav from IV Std of Sundaram House. Nishkam from  I Std who represented Suhradam House was next on the stage who captivated the audience with his touching song.

Then the excitement among the audience shifted to a different mood as the senior group took over the stage. Raj from Class 8 of Satyam House allured the audience with his melodious song “Aakhon mein teri”. The teachers,  judges, hostel staff and other fans of great singer Mukesh were gratified by the lovely song of Mukesh “Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye..” sung by Yogin of Std7. Atmiya Vidya Mandir is graced with some rare talent. Parag of 6th Std is one of them. He thrilled the entire Atmiya pariwar who was present there with his mesmerizing bhajan “Prasad ma aape Hari” Akshay of 7th Std from Shivam House carried away the audience to a patriotic feeling with his enthralling song “Aisa desh hai mera".

The audience’s joy knew no bounds when they found Viraj from 9th Std of Satyam House singing a famous song of Shaan “Tanha Dil ,Tanha safar…”. The charm of the music was increasing as the contest was approaching towards its end. The next was enrapturing folk song “Rangilo Maro Dholna…” sung by Dimple of XI Std (Science Stream). There were lots of hooting .cheering on his song but Meherzan of Std 8 from Sundaram House unplugged  the thrill of the audience  and solemnity descended as he sung a sentimental song “Meri Maa”.

Last but not the least was an amazing song “Har ghadi badal rahi hai …….”by Ashish  of  XI(Science)from Suharadam House. Before the judges announced the result the audience had enjoyed melodious  performance by Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s talented singer Samyak Varia of Class X. He crooned some latest numbers and delighted everybody.

The distinguished judges were the eminent personalities from music world. Mr Jay Nayak and Miss Nayak , both of them are excellent singers and have records of  working with  renowned personalities of music field. They were very keen to notice the intricacies of singing attempted by each contestant and they also gave valuable suggestion to each one of them. The audience was so captivated with the prevailing performances that they cheered all the singers no matter whichever house they belonged to!

When the judges came to announce the result, they added zing with their rocking melodies. The shimmering colorful décor of the stage set the right mood of gaiety and joy.  Sundaram House stood first with 30.5 points and the others were at a close finish. Though the programme ended but the mellifluous impact of music remains long-lasting among Atmiya Parivar.

Written by: Seema Madam

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Investiture Ceremony 2010-2011

After the prefectural and student council elections held in Atmiya Vidya Mandir on June 19, students and teachers were diligently involved in various preparations for upcoming Investiture Ceremony. At the crack of dawn, a new day began. It wasn’t an ordinary day for Atmiya Vidya Mandir family. It was the day when individuals were invested with responsibilities.

On Saturday, 3rd July, the investiture ceremony was held. It was the most coveted and special day for students and teachers and staff of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The ceremony started with the troops of student council members who were smartly dressed, lined up off the stage, ready to take their turn. Soon, their names were called in, and they marched towards the stage on the tune of the school band.

As per Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s tradition, the respected guests Harish Sir, Mahendra Bapa and Arjun Mama were requested to light the auspicious lamp and do the pujan of Thakorji to begin the ceremony. Then, the cultural coordinator Rupashree Ma’am briefed the designated role and responsibilities of Head Boy, Vice Head Boy, Sports Captain and other office bearers. She also motivated them to perform their duties in accordance to the laws of the school.

The oath-taking ceremony commenced after declaration of the roles, for which the principal of the school Swayam Madam was invited on the stage. She administered the oath of honor and dedication to the members of student council. Donning the mantle of responsibility, they also pledge to dispense their duties sincerely and abide by the rules and regulations of the school.

After this, the administrator of our school, Harish Sir was invited on-stage to pin the badges to the Head Boy and Sports Captain. All four house conveners were also called on the stage to pin the badges to the respective House Captains and Vice Captains.

What followed was indeed a great moment for newly elected Head Boy Sarthak Jariwala, he was invited on the stage to light the candle to own up this auspicious moment of embarking on an exciting endeavor. Then, the other members of student council were requested to light their candles, taking the flame from the Head Boy to compose the team spirit. Here after, the school song was played to mark the beginning this momentous journey.

The next was wonderful speech by the Head Boy who spoke about the qualities of a true leader. He acknowledged the solemnity of his role by saying that power comes with responsibility. He also prayed for God’s blessings, on behalf of all the office bearers, for enabling them to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities and uphold the name of the school for achieving the best. Then the captains of the four houses were invited to speak on behalf of their respective houses. They commonly stated about their sincerity and commitment to contribute to uplift the progress of the school.

Any ceremony of Atmiya Vidya Mandir is incomplete without H.D.H Swamiji’s blessings. So next was Swamiji’s message to all the students. Through projector, P.P Swamiji’s generous words of wisdom were conveyed, through which students acknowledged the quality of a true leader and responsibility of holding a post.

The newly elected school office bearers for the academic session 2010-2011 are:

Head Boy:                       Sarthak Jariwala
Vice Head Boy:                Yash Pacchigar
Sports Captain:               Vikas Patel
Satyam House Captain:     Abhishek Patel
Shivam House Captain:      Darshit Patel
Sundaram House Captain:  Sunny Patel
Suhradam House Captain:  Abhishek Panchal

Written by: Seema Madam

Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome party and election results

Fun and frolic cast a spell on the sprightly students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir as this weekend brought them two reasons to celebrate, first the welcome party for the newcomers and second, the results of student council elections. The welcome party was organized to lift the spirit of new students and to give them a chance to get along with everybody. The results of the student council elections which were generated by electronic voting system were to be declared in the same evening.

The party started with lighting the lamp and invoking God’s blessing. The 11th Std students kicked off the programme with a dazzling show of skill and fun. It was an awe-inspiring scene on the stage (the basketball ground) as the boys performed daredevil stunts on bikes. After this, Singers and vocalists took over to delight every one with their mesmerizing symphony. The students thrilled to bits as 10th Std boys presented a comedy show with a flair and verve which was infectious.

The excitement of the evening continued as the results of the elections of student council were declared. Amidst lots of cheer and applaud, the Principal Swayam Madam announced the results which are as follows: Out of three competitive nominees from 11th Std for the post of Head boy, students voted for Sarthak Jariwala who is the best in academics as well as in extracurricular activities. Amongst three other nominees for the post of Vice Head Boy, Yash Pacchigar proved to be most popular as he received maximum votes. For the yet another significant post of student council, that is Sports Captain, Vikas Patel bagged the support of more students as he was elected Sports Captain. The Cultural in-charge and Co-ordinator Rupashree Asthana explained some guidelines for the newly elected leaders of student council.

At the end, the thrill among the students knew no bounds when students of Std 8th and 9th delighted everybody with their power packed performance on some dance numbers which were very well choreographed. As the background score reached a crescendo, audience joined the dancers on the stage and everybody danced with rapture. By this time, old and new mingled very well and the students were so much charmed that one can hardly identify newcomers in the dancing crowd.

Written by: Seema Madam

Vivacity, Vote and Victory at AVM

Atmiya Vidya Mandir is once again warm without the mercury rising! The reason is election fever. It is all about student Council which is intended to provide an opportunity to the students to be a part of activities motivated by sense of social responsibilities. The excitement wave engulfed the entire AVM campus as soon as the elections for the post of Head boy, Vice head boy, Sports Captain, House captains for all four houses as well as class wise prefects were announced.

During the very first week of its new session, the school became a beehive of activities. The nominated candidates for various posts of student council started campaigning, appealing the students with their impressive speech to vote for them. Finally the E-day approached and admin building basement became a replica of typical Indian election polling centre which was well arranged with four voting booth with e-ballad paper, electronic voting system, the voters list, finger marking and much more adding to the decorum. Wearing irrepressible zeal and excitement, students, teachers and other members of AVM family thronged the ADM basement to participate in the elections for student council.

This election will definitely provide an ideal platform to many students to exhibit their leadership qualities.

Written by: Seema Madam

Teacher’s induction programme

The lull has been broken and the AVM campus is buzzed with hum of activities. Riding on the back of multifold training sessions, the academic 2010-11 has begun. The induction programme was planned and organized for AVM teachers to be more effective, more innovative and more creative.

The training programme started with a hand on experience of Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s Information Management System (AIMS) catering to the need of technically equipped working environment. Through this session, the teachers were trained to effectively utilize this networking system and stay connected and also remain globally fashioned. The next phase of training was all about implementing the sensational CCE(comprehensive and continuous evaluation) scheme which is a remarkable step by CBSE to redefine and ensure overall development of a child in school; nevertheless ,it relatively render the existing teaching approach of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The next session of the training was all about a detailed discussion and interaction on lesson delivery plan.

Finally, the training ended with a demonstration of preparing and using teaching material and teaching aids which seems to be to be pivotal.

Written by: Seema Madam