Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reviewing the Indian Consumer

The second (of the total 4) book review presentation was given by 11th Commerce students on the book “We are like that only” by Rama Bijapurkar. This book is about the mentality of Indian consumers before and after liberalisation.

The review was presented by 3 students Harsh P. Patel (reader and presenter), Shubham S. Bagaria (presenter) and Raj V. Patel (artist/designer).

The presentation highlighted various aspects of the India market and Indian consumers. The concepts such as the market structure and the DNA of Indian society were explained with the help of concept draws. The content on the slides was very informative and graphical which made the presentation very visually appealing. The students even took an initiative to correspond to the author through a written mail.

This book review presentation helped the students learn more about the modern Indian consumers' behaviour. The presentation was followed by a Question and Answer session after which various invaluable suggestions were given to the members of the group by esteemed panel of judges.

It was indeed a very enlightening book review presentation. 

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Written by: Nikhil Chaudhary and the "We are like that only" Team (11th Commerce)

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