Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun and some reality check in Ahmedabad

The students of class 1 to 6 enjoyed their outing on 3rd and 4th April 2012. The journey started on 3rd April at 6:00 am towards Kankaria lake Ahmedabad having a halt at Baroda at 8:30 am. The Lake is a polygon with 34 sides and 3 balconies on to the water from the edge of the lake. The place is peaceful and blessed with the beauty of nature. The pleasing view of the lake, the humming and chirping of birds and the greenery bordering the lake made students fall in love with this place. Candies, ice creams and beverages were served throughout the journey.

The students enjoyed the colourful creation of God in the form of various aquatic lives. Kankaria aquarium is the abode of beautiful fishes and colourful plants.

The luxurious train journey was a joyful experience. A train named 'Atal Express' was imported from London, the train circles the lake. Students enjoyed the ride with the company of teachers.

In order to experience floating, students were taken for the sailing in Kankaria Lake. Then the time came to relish the delicious lunch at Kankaria.

Adding to the enjoyment, the students were taken to Bal-Vatika. The Bal-Vatika has collection of mirrors which made students laugh. Amusement park entertained the kids to its fullest.

A dream world for the little ones, Kids City, was also visited and explored. A miniature of an entire city is created where the kids can role-play various occupations and take part in everyday tasks just like adults. It is a bouquet of 19 civilian activities, giving insight to children about their origin and application in real time. In this city, children learned about the adult world, and the value of money and work.

This gave kids the chance to become grown-ups. The various activities that they participated in were functioning of telecoms, police academy, court room, fire station, archaeology, theatre, ice-cream making, NCC etc. This air-conditioned complex has interactive models of a bank, radio station, fire and emergency service stations, IT centre, BRTS, an airport, a police station, theatre and city governance which were explored and enjoyed by all the students.

Fun had a halt here and students called for a joyful day at Kankaria with the treat of ice cream.

The tour was continued, and forwarded towards Mehsana Water Park. Shanku is India's first water park and largest in Eurasia that offers fun and adventure for every age group. The residence was of ancient kind and cottages were full of accessories and comforts. Surrounded by a Mughal garden, dormitories have a royal look. The students enjoyed swimming, dining and in all living there. The place is well equipped with all the modern facilities.

The next day began with a yummy Breakfast. Students were excited for self-boating and were allowed with a company of an elder in the boat.

The park offered excellent rides for children as well as kids, which ranges from lazy still river to the thrilling tunnels. It consists of rides which are very exciting and adventurous. Students not only enjoyed the pools but also had fun in showers and falls and many more activities throughout the day. In all, the most awaiting fun approached in the form of Water Park.

Concisely, the tour was a whole lot of fun, an endless dose of play and a great deal of learning.

Written by: Rashmi Madam

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