Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experiential Learning at Mt. Abu

Filled with the joy and enthusiasm, the students were ready on 30th March 2012 to explore a new horizon of glorious India. In order to provide our students with the opportunity of “experiential learning”, we have been on the excursion of nature for 3 days on the hills of Abu, Rajasthan. During this adventurous endeavour, students discovered the new insightful ideas about the existence of life and nature.

Mount Abu, situated at an average height of 1,219 mt’s above sea level, is the oasis in the deserted land of Rajasthan. It possesses the honour of being the only hill-station in Rajasthan as well as in north-west India.

Scout camp turned out to be an interesting experience for the students. The professional trainers not only guided the students but also helped them for every single activity conducted during the camp. There were around 10 activities (like ladder climbing, rope climbing and other such physically challenging activities) which were carried out throughout the day. All the activities were designed, keeping in mind the age group of students, to develop the kinaesthetic skills of students.

The learning was beyond the limits of subject and content. Hills of Abu presented unknown historical facts and displayed unseen geographical transformations through several types of rock formations. Caving gave a new exposure through ‘learning by doing’. Tracking provided the real experience of the natural formations of mountains and hills.

The science of gravity was explained by the guide before climbing the titanic rocks. The skill of balancing was developed during the rappelling activity. Acquaintance with the core nature not only exposed students to the opaque forests but also exposed them with the hardship of the tribal people. Night tracking was very adventurous and amazing. It turned out to be a first time experience for many of the members. The fear of dark and height were overcome during the tracking through the forest.

Nakki Lake, the mythological lake with a very interesting and sacred story behind its creation, is the heart of Mount Abu. Students sailed the lake in groups accompanied with teachers and staff members. That was followed by a visit to the Delwara Jain temple, which is an architectural wonder that has been preserved as an ancient heritage of aesthetic arts. The carving and structuring of the temple were observed and appreciated by everyone.

The best among luxury hotels in Mount Abu is Hotel Hiltone. With a wide range of well-furbished rooms, it offers a homely atmosphere with all modern amenities. Everyone was paid the utmost attention and served with care and concern. The students experienced comfort and relaxation in the rooms after the adventurous activities. The delicious food was served with starters, desserts and ice creams.

Abu offers a tranquil and tender ambience amidst the lap of Aravalli range. Students experienced the environmental changes and atmospheric variations. They were exposed to the diversity of languages and people. Tourists from different places and with different languages interacted with them.

The beauty of nature certainly inspired more dynamism in the students. It remains an unforgettable experience as it has given a new ray of learning and knowledge. By the end of the excursion, everyone was contented and filled with joy, ready for a new venture of life with the lessons of experiential learning.

Under the efficient guidance of Principal Sir, Vice Principal and the staff members, the students enjoyed the tour to the fullest. The support and effective planning of management made the tour an enriching experience for all. 

Written by: Chirag Sir

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