Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reviewing the 2G Spectrum Scam

On 20th April, 2012 we had a book review presentation on the book “2G SPECTRUM SCAM”. The author of this book is Dr. Subramanian Swamy who is a renowned economist and political head of the JANATA PARTY.

The students who presented this book were:-

  • Aneesh.P.Sharma (Leader and Reader)
  • Saurabh.B.Biyani (Multimedia Person)
  • Agam.N.Shah (Artist)
  • Prafful.G.Chandaliya (Presenter)

The presentation was divided in 5 parts, they were:-
  1. About Author
  2. What is Corruption?
  3. 2G Spectrum Scam
  4. C.B.I. Investigation
  5. Jago India (conclusion)

There were a few concept draws made on topics like Impact of Corruption and The Causes and Solutions to Corruption.

A cover page was also made by the group. Through this presentation the audience was able to gain the knowledge about how this scam had taken place. With the help of the Judges the students were able to know where to improve upon.

The presentation left both the presenting team and the audience in a thoughtful mode. And one could hear all the thoughts : "What should I do to light that little lamp and keep it lit so that such evils like corruption continues to fade out until it disappears completely?"

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Written by: Aneesh Sharma and the 2G Spectrum Scam Team

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