Thursday, July 7, 2011

Investiture Ceremony 2011 – 2012

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new”.

Leaders are not born they are made, in Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the students storing the treasures of childhood are also growing up as compassionate, caring and committed individuals. Here, while enjoying the freedom students learn to be responsible and disciplined. Responsibility is something that has to grow from within the child and in Atmiya Vidya Mandir it finds direction in the values absorbed by the children by participating in various activities outside the class room. Student Council is a platform where representative of student-body shoulder and share responsibilities in conducting various activities within the school. As discharging their duties in their particular role, the active members of Student Council learn to develop pride in their competence, experiencing challenges and their own way of doing things. These are all essential if our students are to grow up to become independent responsible adults

The Investiture ceremony of our school was a solemn occasion, where the elected members of the student Council took the oath of confidence to uphold the honour of our school. The occasion was held on the 25th of June, 2011.

As per Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s tradition, the respected guests Haresh Sir, Vijay Sir and previous year’s Head Boy Sarthak Jariwala were requested to light the auspicious lamp and do the pujan of Thakorji to begin the ceremony. The oath-taking ceremony commenced after declaration of the roles, for which the principal of the school Dr. Vijay Patel was invited on the stage. He administered the oath of honor and dedication to the members of student council. This was followed by an inspiring speech by him in which he insisted to be active and enthusiastic in academic, extra-curricular and sports activities. He also inspired the office bearers to be role models and take up responsibilities in the right perspective.

Then, Dr. Rupashree Ma’am briefed the designated role and responsibilities of Head Boy, Vice Head Boy, Sports Captain and Class Prefects. She also motivated them to perform their duties in accordance to the laws of the school. The chief guest of the occasion was our honorable Principal Sir Dr. Vijay Patel. School Head Boy Sarthak Jariwala gave the welcome address. The function was in a very befitting manner, the badges were pinned by the respective House Conveners to their House Captains. Donning the mantle of responsibility, they also pledge to dispense their duties sincerely and abide by the rules and regulations of the school.

It was followed by flag receiving ceremony, the Head boy, sports captain, and house captains received school flag, sports flag and house flags respectively. The program concluded with the school song. The list of newly elected office bearers is as follows:

Head Boy: Aditya Patel (Class 11 Science)
Vice Head Boy: Parth Amipara (Class 9B)
Sports Captain: Abhishek D Patel (Class 10B)

Satyam House
Captain: Harsh Sarda (Class 9A)
Vice Captain: Anand Pandya (Class 8A)

Shivam House
Captain: Sagar K Patel (Class 10B)
Vice Captain: Vaishvik M Patel (Class 8B)

Sundaram House
Captain: Anmol Kagrecha (Class 9A)
Vice Captain: Rushi Patel (Class 8B)

Suhradam House
Captain: Harsh Ambalia (Class 10B)
Vice Captain: Yogin Patel (Class 8B)

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