Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Gurus" by Suhradam House

The whole week was dedicated to spirituality as it is essential to life and can be applied to our everyday life as we live in this complex world. It does not require us to renounce the current life style. It only requires a change in attitude of mind and being constantly aware of the Supreme Self.

The first day of the week was about the importance of Guru in our lives. The word Guru comes from Sanskrit and its root words are gu, meaning darkness, and ru, dispeller. A Guru is an awakened person who has personally, through the help and invaluable transfer of consciousness from a Guru before, become able to transmit higher consciousness to the aspirant. An aspirant who is accepted by a Guru and who is considered to be worthy to be initiated is called a sisya, meaning disciple, one who accepts the discipline of the Guru.

The next day children were enlightened by the meaning of the sloka “Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Shakshat Para Brahma Tasmaishree Guruve Namah.. Here, the Guru is compared with Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar because Guru is the trinity of all the three Lords. .

The third day of the week was based on the life of Rishi Valmiki. A video was shown as Valmiki’s life. It said that initially he was a hunter but circumstances made him a thief but then by the grace of Narad Muni, a Guru he transformed into a great Rishi. By Guru’s wisdom his life was transformed. Rishi Valmiki went into a wrong path but when he came in touch with a Guru and followed his Guru’s words with utmost faith. After chanting mantras for years he was blessed and later he wrote the holy book of the Hindus -The Ramayana.

In the Jr. as well as the Sr. assembly Suhradam House tried to take up each and every aspect of guru and give some values that can be taken up by the children so that they can lead a better life. Each day, was a new unfold of light for the children when they came to know about some great men like Ashoka, Rishi Valmiki etc. and how their lives changed.

The soft board had various information about the different gurus with their details like the birth date, place of birth etc. It was very informative and decorative.

The week ended with a drama based on Gunatitanand Swami who could see ahead and how much is loves and cares for his devotees. He could see one of his devotee’s future and he wanted to save him from it. He kept on insisting on coming along with him but he refused. The skit showed the circumstances he faced later in his life till he came in touch with the Swamiji again.

The entire Suhradam house students’ worked very hard to make it a grand success. Through out the week the thoughts and speeches were said by students of various grades. They were Chaitanya, Harsh Gondalia, Parth Amipara, Jigar, Tarak M, Anirudh Chawla, Darshan, Sagar, Divan, Aditya, Meet, Rajveer, Dinal and many more…

Written by: Ruma Madam (Suhradam House)

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