Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Window of Wisdom

Under the guidance of our English teacher, the 7th grade students enjoyed an activity of making display board based on stories from our long reading book. First of all, we were given stories from the book ‘How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories’ written by well-known author Sudha Murthy. This book, which is a part of our English syllabus, is based on life values.
We were divided in groups and were asked to present each story on the allotted display boards. Working as a team, we read and developed an understanding of the main aspects of the given story in depth. Then, we made a rough draft of the layout of the display. We included root values, wisdom sentences, characters and their traits and the summary of the story. We finally displayed the content with the material provided by our teacher. Finally, all the groups gave a presentation of our group displays in the class.

It was truly an amazing learning experience and an opportunity to discover the creativity within us. This activity has been very beneficial for us as we were able to comprehend and present the stories with ease. This display board activity has opened a new window of wisdom in our life.

Written by: Anshul Gohel & Taarak Trivedi (7A)

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Anonymous said...

Its very good efforts by your team, keep it up