Saturday, February 21, 2015

An educational excursion

Learning beyond the boundaries of four walls of the classrooms is one of the aspects of teaching methodology at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. To embark on the same path of learning, the students of grade 7 visited the Anjana Sewage Treatment Plant in Surat on 20 February 2015.
This excursion was to further aid their learning of the concepts of waste water management. Surprisingly, people are generally unaware about the source and destination of the water which they use daily. Such ignorance could very likely lead to less concern about the need as well as optimum utilization of such natural resources, furthermore unnecessarily contributing to the problem of scarcity of water resource in the future. Fortunately, AVM students of class 7 were exposed to this knowledge very closely by this visit.

Primary treatment and secondary treatment stages convert the collected waste water from its initial black colour due to the wastes present to transparent. Students were amazed to see this conversion happening in front of them! They understood how biogas was extracted from sludge and also learned how sludge was used as manure.

Furthermore, a surprise ice-cream treat in the plants garden gave a different flavour of excitement. Students had fun in their break time playing in the garden.

Overall, students were able to appreciate the efforts made by the government to purify water and simultaneously to keep our environment clean. They also became aware of their responsibility, as enlightened citizens, towards usage and prevention of waste of water.

The students were then taken for dinner and finally returned to school after a highly educative day

Written by: Anand Sir

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