Monday, February 9, 2015

An inspirational trip!

Being an integral part of the Indian economy, industrialisation has shown remarkable achievements and continues to bloom.

We remain excited & enthusiastic to get to know the comprehensive processes of the giant industries that lead India on the path of development.

Once again destiny knocked the door, to acknowledge our curiosity in the midst of the busy schedule with upcoming board exam. Our dedicated teachers arranged a wonderful educational tour to several industries.

On 7th February 2015, students of 10th grade left the school in the morning with lots of excitement about the field trip. First we made our way to Asia’s biggest sugar industry, Bardoli Sugar Factory. There we witnessed the incredibly large scale process of making fine sugar from sugarcane that was straight out of the fields.

Lesson we learnt: Creative use of the by-products was an appealing process of the sugar factory. The waste generated from sugarcane can either be used to produce electricity or be utilised as manure. By-products of sugar industry such as molasses are also used to generate an important laboratory chemical i.e. ethanol.

Continuing the journey, we visited Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., Bardoli, the company that manufactures and exports over 80 different food products ranging from Canned Vegetables, Fruit Pulp & Slices, Pickles, Chutney, Papads and Ready to Eat Foods. Here, we learnt about the food packaging processes of pickles and mango pulps. A vast godown with uncountable cans arranged in a systematic manner was a memorable sight.

Lesson we learnt: It has been a privilege to know about the owner of the industry. His life is a living example of a very inspiring journey from being an ordinary person to such a successful, self-motivated entrepreneur! Though difficult, he proved that setting up a huge Food Plant is certainly possible through hard-work and determination.

"Absolute hard-work gives Absolute Success".

After a delicious lunch and dessert, we moved on to the Dhanodhar Textile Mill, Surat. Their power generation process using coal and oil with the help of huge boilers was quite interesting and we also received knowledge about dying process in detail.

At the end of the day, we went to a yarn processing unit where we were enlightened by the amazing story of service and dedication. The owner Mr. Dinesh Solanki shared how he transformed himself from a salaried worker with the income of Rs.1700 a month to a notable entrepreneur of an industry worth of crores of rupees.

Lesson we learnt:
"Nothing is impossible if we have strong determination and self-confidence" was the punch line of the day’s visit articulated by Mr. Dinesh Solanki, a man living with simplicity and high thinking, who remains receptive to the sentiments of his employees.

Thus, this tour turned out to be not only educative but also an enlightening experience for us. We whole heartedly acknowledge the time and efforts spent by all those involved to arrange such a wonderful field trip for us.

Ever lasting impression we parted with:
"One should determine a goal in life, and strive hard till the goal is achieved'."

Written by: Class 10 Students

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