Sunday, February 10, 2013

Great Grandeur of R-DAY Celebration at AVM

In the supremely sacred land of Bharath where forbearance is the sign of beauty of all disciplines, Adherence to truth is the greatest penance and the sweet feeling pervading this land is the Motherly feeling. Character is more precious than life itself. What strength! What sacrifice! What adherence to dharma and justice! ...Such a Bharath is my Motherland...........................

Nurturing the feeling of patriotism and righteousness and preparing the students to be effective participants in civic society, Atmiya Vidya Mandir celebrated 64th Republic Day with much gusto and grandeur. All students, teachers, hostel staff members and other members of AVM family gathered at school cricket ground to commemorate this national festival on 26th January. The chief guests of the event were P.Prabodh Swamiji, P. Sugney Swamiji and P.Fuvaji. These esteemed guests were accompanied by honourable dignitaries of the school P. Harish Sir and P Natuda. The chief guests were welcomed with mush zest as they arrived. After the pujan and invoking blessings of God, the flag was hoisted by the school principal Dr. Vijay Patel. The unfurled flag was honoured with singing of the national anthem. The jolly and jovial hosts of the programme were P Pushpak Sir and P Kshitij Sir. Soon, they announced beginning of the march past by the colourful troop of all four student-houses. The spectators students and teachers filled with pride to see them marching. It was followed by a heart-stirring speech by P Mukesh Sir.

The main attraction of this event was the melodious song on unity and fraternity sung by AVM choir group. Everybody presented in the event was enthralled to witness mesmerizing drill show by students of 1st and 2nd grade. It was an incredible show by tiny tots dressed up as black commandos as Sports teachers Yogesh Sir and Raj Sir trained them for such swiftness and scintillating movements. It was followed by a mass drill show by students of 3rd , 4th and 5th who were trained by Hemant Sir. Students of grade 6th and 7th demonstrated different Yoga exercises for healthy mind and healthy body. Last but not the least was human pyramid formed by students of 8th to 10th. These students exhibited their amazing strength and flexibility for forming human pyramid. The programme ended with vote of thanks and distribution of sweets. The celebration was marked with saluting the flag , carry the true spirit of independent and aware citizen of a self-governing country. in our words,

................pride in our hearts,

............memories in our souls,

with patriotic zest and fervour......  
Let’s salute the nation on Republic Day!!!

Written by: Yathansh Joshi (Std 7)

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