Thursday, July 12, 2012

A tribute to the Guru-Shishya Parampara

Today, the flowers bloomed more than usual, gave more fragrance than usual because it was the day when Guru blessed them and their Shishyas. The prayer hall of the school had a spiritual touch and ambience of prayer that the shishyas offered.

On this pious occasion we were blessed by the presence of P. Kothari Swamiji, P. Yogi Swamiji, P. Gyanswaroop Swamiji, P. Suhrad Swamiji and P. Mahatmya Swamiji. Through their vaani, these saints gave us an insight of what and who a Guru is, why is He important in our lives. The school’s youngest musicians with the company of our music teachers Somnath Sir and Jaimin Sir offered a prayer in form of the bhajan “Guru maat pita, guru bandhu sakha” to God and to the saints present there.

Moving ahead, the flowers that bloomed more than usual today, were gathered and offered to each of the saints, principal, administrator and other guests. It was the time now to seek blessings from the saints. P. Suhrad Swamiji blessed us by sharing with us that actually following His aagnas was the true sense of guru poojan. Next he explained that the role of a guru in one’s life was to take us on the path of positivity from negativity. Then, Somnath Sir amazingly sung the bhajan “Guru charanan ni hu rajkan chhu” (meaning “O Lord, let us be in your feet and serve you”) brilliantly accompanied on the tabla by Jaimin Sir. The bhajan echoed the words spoken by P. Suhrad Swamiji and left the audience even more inspired.

Finally, P. Kothari Swamiji blessed us through His speech explaining the true significance of the day i.e. remembering guru in each and every deed we do and offering our bad habits to God and Guru and asking for strength to follow the good ones.

The function ended by all the students and staff getting an opportunity of rare fortune of offering poojan to P. Kothari Swamiji and praying personally of what good we wanted to follow. After the poojan we received Prasad from P. Gyanswaroop Swamiji and dispersed, enlightened, to our respective hostels.

Compiled by:
Anand Kalawadia, Raj V Patel, Harsh Solanki, Aagam Mehta, Vishlesh Gondalia (12th Commerce)

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