Monday, July 23, 2012

Science Competition 2012-13

It was 14 July 2012 when all the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, from grade one to ten enthusiastically gathered in the school assembly hall to witness the inter house science competition.

There were four categories of participants. Grades one and two; grades three and four; grades five, six and seven and, grades eight nine and ten.

The participants from grades one and two took part in the picture and video based quiz in which they answered questions based on their everyday experiences.

A scientific process or scientific method requires observations. The teams of grades three and four presented a drama each on a different scientific concept. Four dramas were presented, one from each house (Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam). The topics were:
  • Satyam House : Body Parts
  • Shivam House : Importance of vitamins
  • Sundaram House : Plants and animals are dependent on each other.
  • Suhradam House : Solar family.
Based on their observations of the drama(s), respective members of the house from grades three and four attempted a set of questions for their house after the dramas.

Grades five, six, and seven participated in a three rounds quiz with multiple choice questions (MCQ) based on their grade levels and everyday experiences.

Finally, house teams from grades eight, nine and ten also participated in a quiz in which they were posed questions which required them to apply their knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology. The questions gave them opportunities to think about their strengths and weaknesses whilst giving them a realistic perspective of Science.

Throughout the event, the audience also actively participated in the competition. They too were asked questions and gifted chocolates as reward for their correct answer.

As is the nature of any competition, the results were the most awaited part through out. It turned out to be quite a thrilling finish eventually with the first and second houses separated only by half a point!

The results were as follows:
First: Sundaram House
Second: Suhradam House
Third: Satyam House 

Compiled by: Anand Sir

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