Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inter House Skating Competition 2012-13

The first sports competition for the year was held on Saturday, the 7th of July 2012 in the form of an inter house skating competition. Students have been trained in the various aspects of this sport by the school’s skating coach Mitesh Sir.

The event was planned and managed by the school's highly dedicated Sports Department. The school was divided into four groups:
1. Beginners:  Std. 3rd
2. Sub-junior: Std. 4th and 5th
3. Junior:        Std. 6th and 7th
4. Senior:       Std. 8th, 9th and 10th

There was one event for the Beginners: the Short Distance Race.
The Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior groups competed for two events:
1. Short Distance Race
2. Long Distance Race.

The results are given below:
  • Beginners
    • 3rd Place :- Satyam (3 points) 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (4 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Shivam (5 points)
  • Sub-Juniors 
    •  3rd Place :- Shivam (4 points) 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (8 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Satyam (16 points)
  •  Juniors
    •  3rd Place :- Satyam, Shivam 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (7 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Suhradam (17 points)
  • Seniors
    •  3rd Place :- Suhradam (4 points) 
    • 2nd Place :- Sundaram (5 points) 
    • 1st Place :- Satyam (15 points)
Overall Result (House-wise)
  • First Place :-      Satyam House
  • Second Place :- Suhradam House
  • Third Place :-    Sundaram House
One could sense a lot a enthusiasm amongst all the participants and you could feel their efforts on the skating rink. The following students did their respective houses proud by their especially excellent performances:
  • Jay B.Savani (3B) (Shivam House)
  • Aditya A. Ozha (5A) (Satyam House)
  • Pranesh D.Patel (7A) (Suhradam House)
  • Uday C.Jariwala (8B) (Satyam House)
  • Parth P.Patel (10A) (Sundaram House)
Compiled by: AVM Sports Team

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