Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inter House Table Tennis Competition 2014-15

After a long journey of practice, finally the stage was set for the school’s inter house table tennis competition from 25th to 29th November 2014. The very enthusiastic efforts of the school table tennis coach and sports teachers and the perseverance of students helped build great anticipation for this competition.

The competition was held in a group wise manner as per below:
  • Sub Junior Group (Classes 4th to 6th)
  • Junior Group (Classes 7th & 8th)
  • Senior Group (Classes 9th to 11th)
For each group in the competition, there were four participants from each house.

There were two events as part of the competition:
  1. Team 
  2. Individual
During the matches, one witnessed the sub-junior players brimming with confidence, the contagious energy of juniors and the support and encouragement of the seniors.

The competition would have almost ended with a tie for the first place but to the credit of the Shivam House players, they managed to take a tiny and yet significant leap against the Satyam House team and ended up as champions of the competition.

The final score card was as below:

Reported by: Devang Sir

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