Monday, December 15, 2014

Interhouse Football Competition 2014-15

The most nail-biting and fantastic football inter-house competition kick started on 15th Dec 2014 as the “football fever” took over the students of AVM. One could clearly see the enthusiasm and excitement in the eyes and body language of all students.

In the Sub Junior group (Std 4th, Std 5th & Std 6th), the first match was played between Satyam House and Sundaram House. It turned out to be a thrilling match and ended with penalty shootouts. But it was Satyam House who won the match by 4 goals against Sundaram House. The latter managed to score only 1 goal. The second match was played between Shivam House and Suhradam House. Aarinbhai scored the goal for Shivam House in the first half. In the second half, Suhradam House could not score any goal. Thus, Satyam House and Shivam House made it to the finals.

Sundaram House and Suhradam House competed for the third place. There were no goals in the first and second half. The match was then taken to the penalty shootouts, which to everyone’s surprise, also ended in a draw. The decision then remained hung upon the golden penalty! Suhradam House eventually won the nail-biting match.

The final match was played between Satyam House and Shivam House. Satyam House won the match with Anandbhai scoring the only goal of this very competitive and nerve catching final.

The most delirious group was the Junior group (Std 7th and 8th Std). Players in this age group played some of the most arousing matches at the football ground. This exciting experience started with the first match itself: Satyam House v/s Sundaram House. Satyam House had an advantage of an experienced goalkeeper but Sundaram House had the best defence and a powerful attack. Satyam House won the match in the end. The second match took place between Shivam House and Suhradam House. The match was very breath taking and Suhradam House took the lead 2-1, with a spectacular goal from Karanbhai and won the match.

The third place match was played between Shivam House and Sundaram House. The match was evenly set until the Shivam House defence faltered, crowning the victory to Sundaram House. The finals was the main event: ‘Sundaram v/s Suhradam’. There were many heart throbbing moments, which increased the excitement and thrill of the audience. In the end, Suhradam House, which put up a very tough fight and sealed the victory with 1-0.

In the Senior group (Std 9th, Std 10th and Std 11th), the first match was played between Shivam House and Suhradam House. The first half was very tough hence it ended with no goals. But the second half favoured Suhradam House, they scored 3 goals and won the match. The second match was played between Satyam House and Sundaram House. In both the halfs, both the teams made many attempts but the match ended to the penalty shootouts. They were exciting moments for everyone, but Sundaram House made it to the finals by scoring 5 goals to Satyam House’s 3 goals.

Now, it was time for third place. The match was played between Satyam House and Shivam House. In the first half, it was Jilbhai who managed to score a goal on behalf of Satyam House, which was equalised by Manhilbhai of Shivam House. With both the teams scoring 1 goal each, it was the time for penalty shoot outs. Shivam House scored 3 goals against Satyam House’s 2 goals to secure the third place. And then it was time for the most exciting and electrifying match, ‘Sundaram v/s Suhradam’ for the finals. A huge round of applause and loud cheering followed the entry of both the teams on the ground. The match stood at a balance with Arpitbhai from Sundaram House and Deepbhai from Suhradam House scoring one goal each by the half time. But it was Sagarbhai from Suhradam House who scored a wonderful goal in the second half. Ultimately, it was Suhradam House, which won the first place in the group.

The overall results were as follows:
  • Pleasantly surprising, there was no one finishing fourth.
  • At the third place, we had Shivam House and Sundaram House with 14 points each.
  • At the second place, we had Satyam House with 18 points.
  • And the first place was secured by Suhradam House with 26 points.
This exciting football competition was organized by a very hard working team of Dhiren Sir, Tejas Sir, Ritesh Sir and Tarun sir. All the volunteers also worked very hard on field to make the competition so enjoyable and successful. Last but not the least, the electrifying, yet disciplined audience, which was cheering and motivating the teams all the time and boosting their team’s confidence, had filled the ground with a lot of thrill and excitement.
Reported by: Sports Team

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