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Intrapersonal Intelligence Competition 2013-14

Each and every child is a unique creation of God. To identify and nurture that hidden uniqueness, teachers of Atmiya Vidya Mandir conducted many inter house competitions based on Multiple Intelligence throughout this academic year. One such competition, based on Intrapersonal Intelligence was held on 8th February 2014.

Students with intrapersonal intelligence have a deep awareness of their feelings, ideas, and goals. They have self-reflective capacities i.e. what one's strength or weakness is. Often they have capacity to introspect and predict their own reactions at certain situations. They generally enjoy analyzing theories and ideas. So, keeping the skills in mind various competitions for different grades were organised for the four houses.

Good health is the exterior expression of inner harmony. To test the awareness of personal health and hygiene the theme ‘Health and Hygiene’ was selected for grade I to VI. The details for the same are as follows.

Group A: (Std. I to III) – Puzzle, Picture Pasting & Observe and Write
  • For grades I and II, two students from each house were selected, thus total 8 students participated in Puzzle Solving and Picture Pasting competition under the guidance of Vaishali Ma’am and Sunita Ma’am.
  • For picture pasting, participants were given few pictures of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for good habits. Students segregated and pasted the pictures in two paper baskets entitled: “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.
  • All the students of grade 3 participated in “Observe and Write” competition. They watched the videos related to dental hygiene and then solved the thought provoking worksheet designed by Sharmil Ma’am.

Group B (Std. IV to VI) – Poster Making on General Hygiene
  • Six participants from each house, thus total 24 students participated in the Poster Making competition under the guidance of Anand Sir and Prerak Sir.
  • This competition helped the participants to illustrate not only their artistic talent and creativity but also demonstrate their deep awareness about general hygiene. They made poster on the topics: Respiratory Hygiene, Food and Water Hygiene, Hygiene in Toilet and Washroom, Hand Hygiene, and Laundry Hygiene.
  • One of the posters was so marvellous that the viewers found it difficult to believe whether it was painted or was it a printed picture.

Group C (Std. VII - VIII) – Thoughts and Responses
  • Two participants from each house, thus total 8 students participated in this group.
  • This competition was aimed to stimulate imaginative thinking and reflective writing. Students were given an opportunity to know and express themselves.
  • They were given three different situations for writing their own reflections. Students enjoyed it and got an opportunity to ponder upon the situations deeply. Their writing illustrated their ability to introspect and analyze the situations rationally which was praiseworthy. This reminds that “Wisdom is the ability to interpret a situation through God’s eyes".

Group D (Std. IX - X) – Mind Mapping
  • Four participants from each house, thus total 16 students participated in this group.
  • The competition was aimed to instil creativity in students by encouraging and rewarding innovative thinking, where they had to analyze the theories given in their textbook. At individual level, they had to think upon the given topic and concisely represent the information on mind map. They were given the topic in advance. Under the guidance of Priyavadan Sir and Samidh Ma’am, all the participants showed mind-blowing performance.
  • Out of all 16 participants, it’s worth mentioning the determination of Harshbhai Gondaliya from Std. 10. As soon as the topic was assigned, he started working on it and approached teachers many times until he was satisfied with his efforts. 
Overall Results: 

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