Saturday, February 1, 2014

Anger – Just one letter short of Danger

ANGER doesn’t solve ANYTHING; it builds NOTHING, but can destroy EVERYTHING...

Suhradam House members elucidated the value “Anger – Just one letter short of Danger” during 23rd Dec to 28th Dec’13 with a divine intention to enter in the New Year 2014 taking a heart full of joy and love for others, leaving the Dangerous Anger behind. During the week, tremendous efforts were made to understand one of the most unpleasant aspect of human emotions – Anger. Efforts were made not only to help the students know what anger is, but also to know the various ways to deal effectively with it and control the behaviour in certain situations.

On Monday, students were introduced to Anger as one of the common human emotions such as happiness, sadness, etc. Different situations which make them angry were discussed with some illustrations like – children get angry when they get hurt, teased by fellow friends, left alone some times, get bullied or embarrassed by the peers or more often when they listen ‘No’ from anybody denying something they want.

Tuesday was a very enlightening day for all as Archana Ma’am discussed the biological effects of keeping anger inside us through a very informative PPT. She explained that keeping anger inside one’s body can be very harmful and repeating it for longer period of time causes serious problems such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, withdrawing from life, taking risks, over eating, using alcohol or drugs and also developing negative attitude towards everything.

On Wednesday, the effects of anger when let out and its external physical effects were brought into light. It consisted of different behaviours like insulting or harming others, teasing someone, throwing tantrums, destroying property and even taking revenge over somebody through humiliating pranks. Some people also express their anger on innocent people and helpless pets or animals as they can’t fight back.

The assemblies on Thursday and Friday were simply inspiring as the young talents of Suhradam House immaculately explained students the ways to find source of their anger and how to manage it. They discussed constructive ways to find, express or release anger by thinking positively about the situation, talking to others, writing it out in a diary, letting anger get off, diverting mind and body to any creative activities, relaxing and then getting active again, etc. It was very well explained that getting to the source of anger and coping with it positively yields fruitful results.

Saturday assembly also proved to be a splendid one as senior students explained a variety of ways to deal with people in different situations when they are angry. First of all, one should wait till the person calms down. And after sometime to approach him and suggest going for some activity like singing, relaxing, performing creative activities, listening to the music, etc.

Thus, the week turned out to be remarkably fabulous and immensely helpful to students due to praiseworthy hard work of students as well as teachers. It is utterly divine not to get angry. But Suhradam House has surely tried very well to enlighten the ways to cope up with anger positively without allowing it to harm one’s life as it’s rightly said by Vijay Eswaran that – “You can keep a sword or a gun but never have to use it; so it is with ANGER.

Submitted by: Harsh Gondaliya (10-A) & Keyur Patel (10-B)


Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful and inspiring article, the title is very attractive. It is very important to have knowledge of Anger management, from early age even. I really appreciate the writing skills.

Dheeraj Jain said...

This is really wonderful and inspiring article. the title is very nice and interesting. Anger Management is very important for people of all age groups.
It is said that"Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame."