Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ghanshyam Charitra (Divine play of Bal Ghanshyam)

ભગવાન જ્યારે જ્યારે ધરતીને પાવન કરવા અવતાર ધરે છે, ત્યારે એની પાછળ કંઈક દિવ્ય હેતુ સમાયેલો હોય છે. ભગવાન સ્વામિનારાયણે વચનામૃત કારિયાણી પાંચમાં કહ્યું છે કે, “પોતાના જે પ્રેમી ભક્ત તેના મનોરથ પૂરા કરવા એ જ ભગવાનને અવતાર ધયા પ્રયોજન છે.” પોતાન પ્રેમી ભક્ત તેના મનોરથ પૂરા કરવા અને તેમને સુખ આપવા ભગવાન દિવ્ય ચરિત્રોને ગ્રહણ કરે છે.

Satyam House was indeed blessed to have been gifted with an inspiring value “Ghanshyam Charitra”. Satyam House teachers led by respected Saumya Ma’am had a splendid discussion to organise and plan out the schedule of the daily assemblies.


Pleasant weather gave a thunderous call to start the morning assembly in the divine presence of P.P Swamiji. The template of the daily assembly was designed as such to have a video darshan of different charitras of Bal Ghanshyam followed by the unique message each day.

Monday:- The very important and fundamental message of the assembly was that ‘God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient’. He cannot tolerate the atrocities incurred on His devotees. To liberate them, He takes incarnation on the Earth and saves His devotees through His divine touch.

Tuesday:- The message of the assembly was: “Don’t suppress and make others feel inferior through the power of muscles or brain. God weakens the power if it is not used for the welfare of others.”

Wednesday:- Inspiring message of the assembly was: “We should respect all the creatures living on Earth as everyone has a right to survive.” The incident watched showed how compassionate Bal Prabhu was towards the tiny creatures like fish also.

Thursday:- One of the exceptional charitras of Bal Ghanshyam was: “Samadhi”. In the episode shown, He saves the crop in the field by sending 1000 sparrows into samadhi through His divine power and thus obeys His father.

Friday:- The loud and clear message of the episode shown was: “Do not claim ownership of things which you have not earned through hardwork.”

The Saturday Creative Assembly, entitled as ‘Ghanshyam Charitra Vihar’ began with a rousing welcome and introduction by two tiny tots. The underlying truth behind the play was Divine miracles of Lord is the source of bliss, peace and happiness.

એવું કહેવાય છે કે, ભગવાનના દિવ્ય ચરિત્રનું ચિંતવન અંતકાળે જો થઈ આવે તો એનો જીવ ભગવાનના ધામને જરૂર પામે છે.

A very fascinating aspect of the play was to witness the commendable performance of 80 participants on the stage.

The play was divided into three episodes from the life of Bal Ghanshyam.

The first episode was about the glory of Bal Ghanshyam. Lord Indra commands Ashwinikumar (the doctor of Gods) to render his medical treatment service when Bal Ghanshyam gets a cut on His thigh while playing the traditional sport 'Ambli Pipali' with his dear friends Veni, Madhav and Praag.

The second episode was about His divine power. Bal Prabhu teaches a lesson of humility to three mighty wrestlers of Ayodhya by defeating them in wrestling.

The last episode was about His ultimate wisdom. At a mere age of ten, in the presence of great scholars, He participates in the philosophical debate and successfully establishes the Doctrine of ‘Vishishtadvait’ (qualified non-dualism) at Gomath, Kashi. By giving a divine vision of their istdevs, He brings the realisation to those age old scholars that Brahma Darshan is not a matter of debate but of experience.

It was really a tough job to work with tiny tots but being the director of the play, Suhradam Sir exhibited tremendous patience and enjoyed their innocence. He successfully brought out the best from them.

Our inspirational source beloved P.P Swamiji’s divine presence has remained the constant guiding force without which the creation of the assembly would not have been possible.

All the members of Satyam House strongly felt that it was a charismatic experience to deal with young Bal Ghanshyams of AVM and getting involved wholeheartedly in the making of the play that has left the everlasting impression on everyone.

Written by: Samidh Ma'am

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