Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gujarat’s Mesmerizing Paradise: Saputara

To break off from the monotonous routine of the recently concluded exams, it was time for a tour. So it was a perfect choice to visit the only hill station of south Gujarat – Saputara, nearly 165 km from Kolibharthana. It was a three days program from October 6th to October 8th for the students of grades 1 to 4.

We started around 7:30 am. The trip took a halt at Waghai Botanical Gardens – featuring a garden and a Bio-Diversity Conservation Centre. All enjoyed the sight of the horticultural beauty to one’s heart’s content and were recharged with the delicacy of Bhel. The journey continued with animated frolic, music and movie. Our medical team member Vijaybhai pointing towards the hill top showed our destination. Saputara is perched at an altitude of 1000 m and is situated in the heart of the Dang District. It is located on the second highest plateau of the Sahyadari range which looks awesome with its densely wooded hills. While climbing, winding roads provide a spectacular view of the verdant valley on one side and the carved out hill slopes on the other.

Buses reached the destination at 12:30 pm. The accommodation was at the Aakar Lords Inn - one of the grand hotels in Saputara. After a small respite, it was the time for scrumptious lunch. The scenic beauty of Saputara got enveloped by the clouds which were sailing across the sky and descending towards the valley adding elegance to it. The team proceeded with playing housie, musical chair and concluded with an exquisite dinner.

Next day, after the breakfast, kids were eagerly waiting for boating in the Saputara Lake. Boating and splashing of water by boatmen added to the fun. The few recreational rides were a bonus for the kids. Next point was the museum which had a remarkable collection of the things used by the tribal inhabitants of Dang. Our Social Science team minutely observed each and every aspect of major forms of tribal expression depicted in the museum. The various species of stuffed birds, ‘Warli wall paintings’, ornaments, attires, musical instruments, the tools and weapons, the utensils, the hut, clay ritual objects, terracotta toys and many more.

That evening around 4:30 pm, the students reached the table top which was covered with the cloud all around. The horse rides, ball game, having the delicious seasoned boiled corn and climbing to see the sun set point all were marvellous experience.

Soon it was growing dark and again all were back to the pavilion - the Lords Inn. After a small breather, the musical chair was continued. The dinner soon overtook the merriment spirit. All were called on for an early bed time. When entered the rooms, few eyes were still fixed on to the T.V. All were again persuaded to welcome sleep. Early morning, soon after the breakfast, it was time to depart from this picturesque nature’s abode.

The cool breeze was signalling to stay for another day. How the days passed no one realized and now it was time to say good bye to this enchanting place which had got carved in the hearts. We returned to the school refreshed and looking forward to the new challenges and fun of the next term. The memory of the visit to Saputara remains fresh in minds leaving a lasting impression.

Written by: Binu Ma'am

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