Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Mt Abu, with renewed energy and novel ideas!

Abu tour was a memorable excursion, full of education, adventure and excitement.

Inspired by the urge of discovering the unknown ways of life, the journey to Mount Abu advanced with some new and unique experiences. By travelling on the unseen ways through avenues and city streets, students not only explored the new paths but also appreciated the different localities and peculiar lifestyles of the regional people.

Concluding the journey, we reached Hotel Hilltone in Mt Abu. The hotel has some stunning panoramic views with perhaps the finest hospitality to offer in the region. Rooms are soothingly decorated and tastefully furnished. Careful attention was paid to the requirements of the students and staff to facilitate ultimate comfort. This tour, again, was managed by Himanshu Sir, and yet again he won our hearts by his very gentle yet meticulous way of taking care of us.

The first day in Mt Abu started with adventurous activities at the Scout ground. Different activities including Horse riding, Improvised ladder, Valley crossing, River crossing, Burma Bridge and Zip lining were performed by all the students with a lot of enthusiasm. Throughout these experiences, physical skills were demonstrated to the students by professionals including skills like balancing, tightening and loosening. After a delightful lunch with mouth-watering starters, balanced nutrition and delicious deserts, we all took a nap and rested for a while. As the swimming pool awaited a long time for the students to jump in, we all barged in and enjoyed swimming for 2 hrs. Bathed and fresh, we visited the temple named “Delwada na Dera”, a distinctive temple built in the 11th century with the eye-catching idols of deities and incomparable architecture of the pillars, floors and ceilings. The temple, as a whole, is the perfect mixture of strength and beauty. Coming back from the temple in the evening we all visited the Nakki Lake, and enjoyed boating in group. On the way back to hotel, we had an ice-cream very popular at Abu. And the day ended by relishing (again) some delicious food in the dinner.

The second day was planned for activities like trekking, rock climbing, rope climbing and repelling. Though difficult, students made it possible to climb the huge rock. Coming down again with rope, repelling, was full of excitement and thrill. Having a refreshing juice, we proceeded for trekking through the turns and twists of the Abu hills. Crossing the ways through the mountain, we all experienced the beauty of valleys covered with the greenery of gigantic trees and wild plants. The bird-eye view from the top of the mountain was an unforgettable sight. Coming back to the hotel, we all savoured our lunch. We then relaxed on bed and in swimming pool, and got prepared for the next most exciting event, night trekking. In the rock-solid protection of professionals, we all started on our way for night trekking. With several thrilling episodes, starting from finding the ways out of the forest in dark, passing through the caves, strolling through the wet fields, crossing the river, we completed the trek and reached back to the decided spot. We all came back tired yet content with some memorable moments of our lives which we would love to cherish again and again. Needless to say, the dinner was the addition to our comfort and joy.

The third day was a day of departure. All enjoyed the continental breakfast in the fresh morning and started our journey back to school. On our way back, lunch was arranged at McDonalds. Watching shows, dancing, singing and playing in the bus, we were back to school by night. Completing our dinner, we all slept with the memories of unforgettable events of our tour.

Written with renewed energy and novel ideas,
Nimit Patel and Smit Patel (Class VIII)

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