Friday, August 16, 2013

The Immortal Characters of Ramayan

Ramayan is the epic which has mingled with our conscience because of the ideas and values the characters have exhibited through their life. Ramayan pictures the whole gamut of life of an individual in various aspects. It was a privilege for the members of Shivam house to commemorate, understand and learn to apply the teachings of this wonderful epic in our life.

It is rightly said that, “Men may come and men may go, but the virtues they exhibit in their life remain with us forever.” For example,  Hanumanji is known for his immense faith in Lord Ram and humility in all his actions. Lakshmanji is known for his extreme love for Lord Ram and the service with devotion which he offered to Lord Ram. Kaushaliya and Sitaji are known for their selfless love and sacrifices they offered to Lord Ram. Shabriji is known for her faith in her Guru Matang and devotion for Lord Ram. Vibhishan is known for his unshakable faith in Lord Ram and unwavering positive attitude. Manthara and Kaikai are symbols of jealousy, greed and fickle mind. Ravan, as we know is a symbol of lust, anger, ego, greed and other negative qualities. Lord Ram through his life has set examples of highest degree in various roles as son, brother, student, husband, friend, master, teacher and so on… These virtues that they exhibited in their life have made them immortal. 

Throughout the week Shivam House explained the significance of each of the above characters through videos and thoughtful speeches. Characters of various personalities like devotion of Shabri, faith, service, devotion and humbleness of Hanumanji, unshakable faith and unwavering positive attitude of Vibhishanji, faith of Angad were explained. A comparison between Kaushaliya’s character and Kaikai’s charater was beautifully portrayed through videos and speech. 

The last day of the week, Saturday, was creative assembly. In this assembly, a Hindi Drama “Jaisa Sang Vaisa Rang", was presented. Entire drama comprised of 40 students from standards 6 to standard 10. This assembly was graced by the presence of P. Kothari Swamiji. The assembly began by welcoming him and doing his Poojan. Thereafter the first part of the drama began with Tulsidasji singing hymns in praise of Lord Ram. Pleased with his devotion, Valmikiji himself from the divine abode of God descends on earth to do his Darshan. Upon request from Tulsidasji, Valmiki narrates an anecdote of Lord Ram’s life. When lord Ram was sent to exile, Bharat along with all his ministers and people of kingdom goes to bring Lord Ram home. This anecdote was mesmerizingly dramatized. Lord Ram’s adherence to follow their father’s commands and Bharat’s unselfish love was portrayed in this drama. Lord Ram’s duties as an ideal child and as an ideal brother were put forth.

In the second part of Drama, Lakshmanji’s focus, ardent service and devotion towards Lord Ram and Sitaji was portrayed. On the contrary, negative influence of the touch of Ravan’s throne on Lakshmanji was also portrayed. 

Through these anecdotes it was explained that Lakshmanji who was in company of Lord Ram for 14 years of exile, who served Lord Ram with utmost faith and devotion, who had conquered sleep, and who had conquered all the desires of senses was also affected by the negative vibrations of Ravan’s throne. Negative company whether in form of touch, words, friendship, sight or any other form can disrupt our focus, hinder us from performing our duties with dedication and leads to our moral demise. So, we must be very careful in choosing our company. 

There is a famous saying which goes like this

“Jitne Taare Gagan Main Utne Dushman Hoi, Krupa Ho Sri Ram Ki Baal Na Baka Hoi…” But, to achieve such a shield from all the negative influences and experience the grace of God in life, we must all have complete faith in God, follow his commands with devotion and perform all our duties with utmost sincerity.

By members of Shivam House.

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