Friday, August 2, 2013

Practice Double, Nahi to Trouble

“To unravel ideas through stories is a human tradition.”

Hence, inspired by one such collection of 101 tales of Wisdom as told by P.P. Yogiji Maharaj, Suhradam House celebrated the value – “Practice Double, Nahi to Trouble” on 27th July 2013. Suhradam house was fortunate enough to begin the celebration with the splendid merriment of the auspicious day of Guru Purnima and as a tribute to our Great Guru P.P. Yogiji Maharaj, a small attempt was made to pick few pearls of wisdom from the ocean of valuable stories of wisdom narrated by him. The book comprises 101 stories beautifully painted by Yogiji Maharaj in a lucid and unadulterated language. Reading of this book makes it easy for people of all ages to understand deep messages of wisdom which can be applied to their daily life.

Suhradam House performed a wonderful drama titled “Practice Double, Nahi to Trouble” in the creative assembly on Saturday morning drawn from two selected stories which children can apply in their student life. The assembly began with prayer followed by Pujan of Thakorji by Pujya Saumya Ma’am as it was her birthday and she was honoured with a bouquet by the teachers of Suhradam House. The drama began thereafter with a story of a king who invited the pundits to perform a Bhagvat katha at his palace. When the katha was going on, the king played Chopat with his friends rather than listening to the katha. So the pundit requested him to listen to the katha or else it won’t get him any reward. The king replied taking the proud of arranging many such Kathas and said you carry on…‘tum bak bak, hum sun sun’. It means that, ‘you keep on talking and I keep on listening.’ The disheartened pundit felt very bad for the king and explained to him that performing many kathas would not get him anything. He should listen to the katha carefully and apply the values derived from it in his life. But the king did not listen to the pundit.

This story was actually being read from 101 Tales of Wisdom by a father at bedtime with his child - Anupam making him understand that if he would not learn in the class with concentration and would keep on listening to the teacher without understanding, it would be of no use. Anupam expressed his gratitude to his father for the advice and asked him to give the book. He said he would read the book regularly and would get the solutions for his problems. He even expressed his desire to become a great doctor like his father. Anupam then studied with concentration in class and worked very hard. He started getting good marks in exams. But he thought that something was missing. He knew the answers of questions and the solution of the problems but could not apply his knowledge. He then thought and picked the book - 101 Tales of Wisdom and came across a story - Taltumbadiya Shashtri and started reading.

There was a boy who was learning in an ashram of his guru. He was not able to remember what he learned. One day he approached the guru and asked for the solution to his problem. The guru gave him two bowls and told him to fill one with sesame seeds and empty one seed in the other one at a time by saying a verse he had to remember. He said to repeat this until he had the verse by heart. The solution was difficult but the boy obeyed his guru with dedication and learnt all the verses and thus he became a great scholar popularly known as Taltumbadiya Shashtri.

While Anupam was reading the story, his father arrived and he shared it with his father and told him that he got the solution to his problem and added that along with hard work and concentration, practice is equally important. He at last appeals to the audience to learn in class with Jordar concentration and always practice double to avoid the trouble.

The creative assembly of Suhradam house presented the core of the learning from 101 Tales of Wisdom into one saying which states –

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

Submitted by
Nirali Madam

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