Thursday, January 27, 2011

Math Mania Mesmerized Many at Atmiya Vidya Mandir

Numbers sizzled on the walls, symbols and equations screamed from roof tops, geometry and graph vied for attention, additions, multiplications, percentages never sounded so simple and never were children so excited, falling all over the Math week celebrated recently at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

Famous essayist Francis Bacon says “If a man’s wit be wandering, let him study the mathematics.” Is Bacon’s recommendation accurate? Does the study of math sharpen the critical thinking and reasoning skills? For an enjoyable experience of Maths we must necessarily be able to relate the subject to the head and heart and focus on the development of thinking and reasoning skills. Keeping this in mind…..the Maths Department of Atmiya Vidya Mandir had organized Maths Competition and even celebrated the Math Week organizing many activities.

During this Math week, Maths was treated as more than just study of formulae and calculation techniques. It aimed at building real life skills in children who are taught to think, deduce and reason rather than just deal with mechanical procedures. These activities were all about of "figures and numbers" concerned with knowledge of measurement, properties and relations, quantities, which can include theoretical or applied studies of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. In the formalist view, students were at the investigation of defined abstract structures using symbolic logic and mathematical notation.

The competition was named as Hari Ankan and students were divided into three groups.
1st: Jr section - Std 1st to 5th
2nd: Sr section - Std 6th and 7th
3rd: Sr. section - Std 8th and 9th
The tantalizing and compelling pursuit of mathematical problems during the math week offered the students mental absorption and endless challenges. Overall competition was further divided into 5 rounds in Jr, Section.
Round 1 - ASSET Based question - They have to solve given question in a minute. It was a hilarious ice-breaker for all the students to determine their conceptual clarity.
Round 2 - Rapid Fire Round - Student have to answer the given question quickly and they have to complete 10 questions answer with in 45 seconds.
Round 3 - Buzzer Round – Students of each house were to solve given question within 1 minute and one who solves quick and buzz first, will get highest points.
Round 4 - Puzzle Round Group A - Class 1 to 3 - Teamwork round - Class 1 to 3 together solve a puzzle of 6 pieces within 3 minutes.
Round 5 - Puzzle Round Group B - Class 4 to 5 - Teamwork round - Class 4 to 5 together solve a puzzle of 10 pieces within 5 minutes.

Flashes of insight, intuition, speculation, and reasonable guesses were at peak as students found something different and innovative – a break from the normal pen paper routine.

Calculation, Accuracy and Speed for Sr. Group – Std 6th to 9th
Among the senior group as if Ramanujam and Aryabhatta were in the making, students turned their head and toe to prove themselves during various competitive activities.

Mathematical enterprise - Round 1 - based on ASSET questions. Students were to solve given question in a minute. Clarity of thought and pursuing assumptions to logical conclusions was central to this activity.

Computer based round - Round 2 - Computer based quiz was created with about questions. Students were to solve them with great speed. Type of questions used in computer based round were objectives, true/false, fill in the blank, match the column.

Mental Aptitude Test - Round 3, MAT round: Questions were based on logical reasoning. Again their finest combination of accuracy and speed was on the move. They were to sort objects by shape, color, and size and by recognizing groups and patterns.

Applied Reasoning - Round 4, Puzzle round. It was all about learning, verifying and visualizing mathematical concepts in a ‘fun’ way. It inculcated learning through imagination. This learner centered approach to math helps every child imagine, investigate and interact effectively.

Thus the multiple ways of quiz comprised technology, applications, videos, manipulative and measuring instruments, tables, charts and so much more.

Puzzling puzzles

The flashcards and number drills, the students just loved numbers and through puzzles they were shown how math is part of everyday life and they were eager to learn more. The brain teasers were not only fun to deal with but also worked as an educational tool. These puzzles tested the logical reasoning of students, as a useful instrument for improving ones mental agility.

Puzzle for Std 6: Form a shape (triangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon) using different shapes of pieces.

Puzzle for Std 7 and 8: Tangram Puzzle: It was an exciting game which stimulated creativity with in student group. The oldest known mechanical puzzle, it is Chinese in origin, but has gained popularity the world over. The Tangram is essentially a dissection of a square.

Puzzle for Std 9: Balancing 5 books on the edge of the table, such that the top most book extends over the edge of the table.

Wall Of Math-
The new building corridor wall wore a different look as Math department initiated an activity through Wall Of Maths which gave them an opportunity to write their views and feelings about Math. They enjoyed themselves making swirly-whirly designs on the wall.

In assembly- Every day during assembly students were informed about life of a Mathematician and some facts and riddles of Maths. They gathered lots of information about world of maths.

Question A Day – Every day a question had been displayed on the Math Lab soft board which was based on mental ability and logical reasoning. The corridors at old and new cluster were converted into display stalls and stations. Students were enthusiastic giving answers of the questions. During break time the new building cluster was looking like math mela where students were reading, discussing and answering questions.

The glorious winners-

1st Position– Satyam House
2nd Position – Shivam House
3rd Position – Suhradam House
4th Position – Sundaram House

Thus, it was an amazing time learning together a fun way. A few heads shook in disbelief, a few solved things on their own, a few put up a bold front and attempted, a few smartly, prodded for answers, the not so mathematically inclined stayed a few metres away from the front for good reason, but all their smiles and moods were intact throughout the grand celebration. Many students and teachers bustled around excitedly, lending a festive air to the event.

Long live the Math department, Longer stay their work!!!!

Written by: Seema Madam

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