Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ceremonial grandeur marks Republic Day celebrations at AVM

“He should be the one who is proud of the place he lives in and he lives such a way so that his place will be proud of him”.

Guided by this motto, the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are being trained earnestly in all fields of life so that they are physically robust, mentally agile and emotionally composed to serve their family as well as country. One fine example of such an effort was the Republic Day celebration on 26th January.

The R-day acquired the status of a special celebration as all members of Atmiya Vidya Mandir family participated whole-heartedly being spectators as well participants. The celebrational mosaic was studded with lots of activities. Though the flag hoisting and parade were the main ceremonies, various activities spill over the football ground of the school from early morning when students, teachers and house masters, Didis were gathered to witness the programme.

The ceremonial grandeur of the occasion started with Pujan of Thakorji, by the dignitaries and distinguished guests of the occasion. The flag was hoisted by the chief guest of the function Mr.Vasant Bhai a renowned industrialist of Surat, soon after the national song Vande Mataram was sung by everybody. Pomp and gaiety marked the occasion as he unfurled the National Flag. In his address, the Chief Guest remarked that the discipline and organizational skills of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are ‘at the top’. He also spoke about the fact that the school premises bears an amazing aura of irresistible positive vibrations. Children saluted the national flag and renewed their pledge to be loyal to their country family and country and make India a developed nation.

Soon, a sprightly parade and a colorful collage of cultural events marked the Republic Day celebrations. In the march past parade, the students of four different houses were marching in unison. The parade was succeeded by flag drill by the tiny tots which was an enchanting programme. The small hands, holding the replica tri-colour small flags in their hands and moving their body rhythematically, were well tuned with the live music. It was followed by hoop drills and dumb bells drill by different group of students. The swiftness, synchronization and various movements tuned with music were spectacular. Yathansh Joshi of Std V presented an impressive speech where he shared how being students and mere children they can contribute in making tomorrow’s world a better place. “Having achieved our freedom in total, it is essential for us to uphold its glory. True freedom means respecting the rights of other citizens as well,” he added.

Renuka Madam, Niramay from Std II, Niharika Mam, Parth Amipara and Harshil from Std VIII handled the announcement of various programmes. The lazium and dumble drill were appreciated by all those present. Gymnastics show by the students of Std VI to X added the purple flavour to the celebrations. The various physical exercises and drills assured and confirmed the fact that students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are not only spiritually and mentally balanced and well tuned but also they possess energetic, sturdy and healthy body. The traditional predominates along with a touch of modernity reflected in the display of physical exercises.

The hearts of everyone present, were actually stolen by the cyclists champs of Std X, who presented a well rehearsed and synchronized show on wheels.

Republic Day gradually acquired the celebrational status as that of the national festival. The celebration was amazing, total and participatory, children took part in a big way. Variations in culture were displayed through colourful attires and moving exhibitions. A huge applause was heard for all the tableau, which presented the “Cultural and Religious Harmony” of the various Indian festival against the backdrop of the live performance by the students corresponding to the moving exhibitions. The tableaux were predominated by cultural motifs with a touch of the local highlights the identity of the area. The celebration is thus a homage to the culture diversity, the regional significance and the nation that is a true republic and imposes nothing.

The School Principal Swayam Madam, in her speech, stated that Republic Day is not just about celebrations, it is about renewing our commitments and the promises that we made to our motherland. It is also about enlightening our young generation about the sacrifices made by the brave and valiant martyrs during the freedom struggle. It is a solemn day to rededicate ourselves. The patriotic fervour was in full zeal when Pranav Sir sang a patriotic song in his melodious voice.

The teachers, students and all viewers were spell bound, astounded and rather carried away by the daredevil act of some students who proved their well tuned and well balanced mental and physical status. They courageously jumped through the rings of fire and even rode a bicycle through the burning ring. It was a breath taking performance. The safety measures and keen practice by Shekhar Sir was highly appreciable. These presumptuously daring acts of students indirectly conveyed that they have fearless attitude to meet any kind of challenge. Being under such guidance and schooling, they would be the trailblazers and trendsetters of tomorrow’s world as having been blessed with this vision of His Divine Holiness P.P Hariprasad Swamiji.

The students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir once again proved their mettle. The celebrations came to an end with a huge round of applause for all the participants. Thus it was a graceful and interesting programme by this group of young and enthusiastic students taken in the open air with a picturesque background with an imposing slogan “The Constitution With Atmiyata Lasts Forever”.

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