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Parents newsletter for the months September to December 2010

Dear Parent,


It is better to be knowledgeable in our own shell than to remain ignorant in a vast world. As ongoing academic session of 2010-11 is progressing, Atmiya Vidya Mandir continues with a humble effort to create a global educational community of conscientious individuals. The amalgamation of learning activities prior and post Diwali break ranged between scholastic and co-scholastic exposure to the students. These activities whether taking place inside the classroom or outside, catered to acquire well-developed attitude traits such as "patience", "commitment", "initiative" and "empathy". These traits help individuals transcend cultural, educational and social-economic barriers to learn more about themselves, others and the world they live in.

Trip to Mahabaleshwar: The tiny tots of I to V were taken to a trip to Mahabaleshwar. Besides, fun filled and exhilarating activities, these kids were taken to strawberry fields which were actually the highlight of the trip. They acknowledged how the farmers have adapted the latest technology and are growing strawberries in this area, how drip irrigation and sprinklers are used to water them and under each plant plastic sheets are laid so that the ripe berries don't touch the ground and get dirty!! They also saw a factory making strawberry jam, crushes and ice cream. It was a learning experience for them to know about the red fertile soil and favorable climate in Mahabaleshwar which help strawberry, raspberry to grow in abundance. A tour to Mapro Factories was also arranged for the students to see how jams and squashes are processed. The toddlers relished the scrummy delicacies like jams, jellies, strawberry milkshakes and loads of ice-creams, squashes, syrups and crushes. No sooner did they come back home from the trip, it was time once again to pack the bags for Diwali vacation.

Trip to North India: The school organized an educational trip for the students of Std VIII to XI to the panoramic North India that included destinations of Chandigarh-the first planned city of India designed by Le Corbusier, Manali-the valley and abode of Gods, Dharamshala /Mcleodganj-the official residence of the exiled Tibetan leadership, Dalai Lama and Amritsar-the religious city of the Sikh faith and an important center of freedom movement of India. Above and beyond increasing their general awareness and acquiring social skills, they learnt being independent. They saw Chandigarh’s unique rock garden, which consists of the artwork that has been made from industrial and urban waste. They also enjoyed the adventurous trip to Manali where they experienced skiing, trekking, rope way river crossing, paragliding, white water rafting and mountain biking on the hill station of Kullu... They also enjoyed Jogini water fall and visit to Snow Point .The main attraction of the trip was a memorable evening at Attari Border military camp where student got a chance to observe the life and work of a soldier. They acknowledged the functioning of many modern weapons and high discipline and commitment in soldier’s life. This trip proved to be a learning session which took place outside the classroom as the students had a practical approach to understand many concepts and facts related to geography, history and science.

Inauguration of the Temple: The post Diwali exterior of Atmiya Vidya Mandir campus has a sacred addition - the magnificent temple in the school campus which substantiates its name explicably as H.D.H P.P Hariprasad Swamiji intends to educate students in such a way (Vidya) which helps them to become eligible individuals who would be emotionally balanced and intellectually competent to maintain spiritual affinity with one and all (Atmiya) with a pure heart where God resides (Mandir). Such a stage is obtainable within religious milieu and spiritual guidance hence on the auspicious day of Devdiwali 21st Nov, 2010 Swamishree inaugurated the newly constructed temple in the school premises. During the Murti Pratishtha Samaroh, in his divine words, Swamishree said that temple in the school is significant for the concentration of divine energies and vibrations which would keep the students devoid of any vices consequently enabling them to be in a right state of mind to absorb teaching. Students are filled with positive energy and right state of mind when every morning and evening they attend the aarti-bhajan in the temple.

ASSET Exam: Besides the regular evaluation system to assess the skilled based overall development of the child, students from Std I t o Std IX, appeared in ASSET exam which measures how well a student has understood concepts and gives detailed feedback on the same, to help them improve. The ASSET exam result sheet helps the teachers to have a detailed diagnostic report on their conceptual blocks which eventually help them to cater to the individual need of the child...

Annual Athletic Meet: “Winning is not everything, but participation and the will to win is everything” with this punch line, the opening ceremony of the 7th Annual Athletic Meet took place on 16th December 2010. Fierce competition among four students’ houses for field and track events made the students strive for excellence. Tempers began to flare—on the field and on the sidelines. In the abstract, students were on the training of the basic principles of sportsmanship: respect for teammates, opponents, and the game; graceful winning and losing. To impart these values, coaches used a combination of education, positive peer pressure, and rules (such as a system of warnings for broken rules followed by suspension from the practice or game). Their dexterity, energy, and showmanship created a rapturous sport ambiance that delighted a very appreciative audience. Splendid management and a number of excellent athletic features characterized the seventh annual athletic meet of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. Twenty-one events, including trial heats, furnished a fine programme, which was run off in capital style for four days.

The Christmas Eve was not less than a wave pool of fun, frolic, dance, enjoyment and magic which flooded the cozy rooms of tiny tots in hostel building. Ramakar Sir walked in their rooms disguised as Santa. No sooner did they find Santa in their rooms, the wall of their rooms reverberated with laughter, clapping, singing. The students of I to V danced with rapture as they received chocolates and gifts from Santa even the principal Swayam Madam, teachers and Didis enjoyed with them. It was fun unlimited poured by Santa.

The passion and desire to make a difference in the life of the children continued through morning assemblies conducted by four student’s house respectively. The best part of the house wise assemblies and creative weekend is that more and more students are able to cope with their stage fear as each and every student gets a chance to address the assembly either through thought for the day or speech or presentation: as a result these activities are serving to the purpose to prepare future artist as well as flourish with inherent talent.

Though the year 2010 ended with lots of happenings, yet, at Atmiya Vidya Mandir the success journey continues. Each day brings with it something new and promising and we strive to update you with current happenings through
Wish you a happy, healthy and progressive year ahead.

With Warm Regards,
Atmiya Family

Written by: Seema Madam

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