Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 1 of the Atmiya Annual Athletic Meet 2015

Winning is not everything, but participation and the will to win is everything” with such a motto, the fervent athletes of AVM plunged into the overflowing enjoyment of day-1 of the Annual Athletic Meet 2014-15. The ground vibrated with feverish enthusiasm as the tempo set in with announcement of different track and field events. The best part of the show was the participation of each and every student from classes I to XI. It was held in age-wise categories to make all the events fairer and more enjoyable and to bring out the true sportsman spirit in each athlete.

The events of the day were Ball Throw, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Triple Jump and 50 m and 100 m dash hits for various groups. These events evoked a lot of passion and zeal among the Atmiyans, with each contestant trying to outdo the other and secure the most priced medal.

There was a spectacular view of the venue - different sections of the huge ground were decked with hues of vivacity and verve - factually the different fabrics and art-material of all four house colours. All the students along with their teachers, didis and sports teachers grouped near the arena of their respective choice of events. The teachers and the students were excitedly cheering their respective house participants, voicing the spirit of oneness among all.

The ground reverberated with blend of different uproars of cheers made by the gleeful students, the nerve-catching sound-tracks played on the speaker system by Hirenbhai was adding to the excitement. Last but not the least was the air-borne voice of Mukesh sir who was moving around with his running commentary and updating all with the latest happening across the ground. Thus the day ended with an ardent desire and unabated waiting for the second day of this Athletic Fiesta.

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