Friday, January 30, 2015

The Grand Opening of the Atmiya Annual Athletic Meet 2015

After the Uttarayan Break, students could hardly wear off the joy and vivacity of such a long vacation when AVM family geared up for the much awaited and one of its own kind - the Annual Athletic Meet! However, the athletic fever began to pervade the campus well before the actual day with athletes practicing hard under the guidance of their sport teachers, regularly since the day school reopened.

The whole school decamped to the huge cricket ground, in front of the school’s ‘Charanraj’ building which looked no less than the hosting place for the Olympic Games. The opening ceremony of this three-day Athletic Fiesta was held on 29th January 2015. The school ground was decked in the house colours of purple, blue, green and orange. The eye-catching decoration at the different field arena and the track boundary was much appreciable.

The esteemed personalities from the YDS fraternity and notably the senior members of AVM and trustees, saints from Haridham and the school Principal graced the occasion with their benevolent presence. The chief guest of this opening ceremony was Mr Mukund Bhandari, Principal of the J.B. Diamonds & KARP Impex Vidya Sankul.

As all AVM family members gathered for this occasion, the programme started with the arrival of the guests. General salute was offered to the guests and they were led to the stage by the escorting team. As per the tradition of the school, the guests were invited to perform poojan of Thakorji to invoke God’s presence and blessings for the event after which everybody’s eyes were fixed on the ground where students were overjoyed and much excited for such a mega-event. First of all, teams of all four houses participated in a walk-past. Thereafter, a scintillating dance on the song ‘Ab teri bari hai’ was performed by students of Std 6-7. It was followed by an amazingly powerful presentation of the yogic ‘Surya Namaskar’ by the younger students.

The spectators were spellbound to see the next performance, which was ‘Bamboo Drill’ by the students of all four houses. The flying camera was hovering all around to capture the memorable glimpses of this grand occasion. Then the attention was shifted to the stage as the hosts of the programme invited Pujya Suhrad Swamiji to bless the students and teachers with his words of wisdom. After the inspiring and invaluable speech, the melodious voice of Shreemadbhai impressed everybody when he and his group sang a beautiful song.

Now it was the time for flag hoisting; the school principal Dr. Vijay Patel and the respective house conveners were invited to hoist the school and the house flags. It was a scene worth watching on the ground, when the Athletic Meet formally started with the torch relay by the school’s sports achievers who have taken our school to new heights in different sports. They carried the flame around the track and handed it over to the school principal to light the cauldron of the Athletic Meet and thereby started a new journey towards newer and greater heights. After that, the school’s sports captain Rahulbhai was invited for the oath taking ceremony.

With such gallant commitment of honesty and sportsmanship, with such a spectacular view of hundreds of colourful balloons flying, and with such an overpowering upsurge of excitement the 11th Annual Athletic Meet at Atmiya Vidya Mandir was declared OPEN!!!

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