Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Medical Camp at AVM

On 27th July 2014 the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir were privileged to have a medical camp organised by Vijaybhai, (our resident medical assistant) and Pranav Sir, (our senior hostel incharge) with support of the school management. It was an honour to have qualified doctors on our campus to help us with the medical check-up of students and suggest solutions to challenges if any. The team was divided into three groups:
  • Eye check up held by Dr Popat Lunagaria
  • Skin check up held by Dr Jagdish Sakhiya and Dr Talpesh Vaghasia
  • Dental check up Dr Karishma Patel

The camp started at 9 AM with a disciplined approach of each standard completing check up at one facility and switching to another, all together, so that there was no chaos and doctors could document suggestions accordingly and order wise.

It started with junior hostel from grades 1 to 6 and then to senior hostel for grades 7 to 12 after lunch, where mentors guided the students in the process and particular didi/housemaster sat with facilitated doctor and students when they performed the check-up individually, discussing their concern and challenges.

All the doctors had come very well equipped with their medical kits. The eye specialist, Dr Lunagaria discussed more about how to keep the eye healthy and infection free. We gained new insights about how to take care of minor infections, irritation, what kinds of vitamins are necessary for eye to be healthy, etc.

The skin specialists, Dr Sakhiya and Dr Vaghasia minutely examined the skin, scalp and hair. They also discussed about allergy, irritation due to dryness or damp skin, how to control acne and pimples and how to keep skin clean. It was really satisfying for the students to talk to the doctors open heartedly who responded enthusiastically to all the concerns raised. While checking hair and scalp, they also answered various queries regarding dandruff and hair fall.

Dr Patel, the dentist, was very patient and also very responsive to the queries of students. She discussed about health of teeth and gums, how to protect teeth against cavity and ways of cleaning and brushing teeth.

It was a day to learn many things about dental eye and skin, doctors were very enthusiastic and didn't hesitate giving their services till the last student. Students were very happy, satisfied and learnt how to tackle challenges if occurred and were satisfied with the solutions and advise of the doctors.

Reported by: Parth Amipara (Class 12 Science)

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