Monday, July 14, 2014

3Ds for an Ideal Student: Determination, Dedication & Devotion

The destiny of a nation depends on the character of people. And as defined, the character is not merely the awareness of some values but also both, the desire and capacity to uphold them in practice. On one hand, we are experiencing a rapid global change, and on the other, we all are also hoping for peaceful and prosperous global community.

Our school functions on the essence of the basic Indian culture, supported by His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji. According to him, every child can be an ideal child, if he is determined, devoted and dedicated to understand the core of every task assigned to him. It is said that an ideal student is the wealth and future of the nation. Such student is a hope of a family and pride of the school. Such bright and good students are the gems of an institution, thus they are able to become responsible citizens, statesmen and leaders of tomorrow.

Working on the same line, Satyam House took an initiative to project the aspect of “3Ds” for an ideal student i.e. ‘Determination, Dedication and Devotion’. It was demonstrated in regular assembly through real life examples and live role models. Everyday a personality was selected and was appreciated by teacher and students together.

An Ideal student
Dr. Prakash Aamte, the sincere social worker
Sardar Patel, an iron man of India
APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India
HDH Hariprasad Swamiji, the spiritual master
Helen Keller, the first deaf & blind person to earn a bachelor degree
Sage Panini, a great Sanskrit Master

All the presentations depicted the value in its real sense. It not only helped students discover the hidden powers of 3Ds – Dedication, Determination and Devotion, but also help them in setting good examples for their personal and professional lives.
- By Satyam House Team

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