Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Student Council 2013-14

Real leadership is not about prestige, power and status. It is about responsibility.

School is a basic platform to initiate the ability to become a responsible citizen of the nation. The concept of integrity and unity are taught by grouping students together on an equal ground of election.

In Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the students are given a platform to experience the realities and joy of outer world by giving hands-on experience. They are nurtured with many social, cultural and spiritual values. To experiencethis very important process first-hand, the Student Council has been set up wherein students can show their active participation by recognizing their duty towards school, friends, teachers and further, in future, to the nation. As a result, every child got an opportunity to use his wisdom to elect his leader.

Students are the hope for the bright future of any nation. Moulding students of today as a better citizen for tomorrow was the sole motto of the event.

As educated by P.P.Swamiji, three main qualities that a leader should possess are to be polite, stable and Atmiya. Leaders are not born, sometimes they need to be moulded. Such a place is AVM where students strive to fly like a leader still try to remain grounded.

Atmiya Vidya Mandir witnessed its fourth student council election in the second week of the academic year 2013-14.

Nomination Criteria
  1. House Vice Captain from Class VIII
  2. House Captain from Class IX and X
  3. Vice Head Boy - Class IX
  4. Head Boy - Class XI

Election Procedure
  1. Vote access: Students from class 6th to 12th, and all the elderly people in the campus.
  2. Pre elections: Before the elections the dates of nomination, campaign, polling and declaration of results were announced.
  3. Campaigning Week: When elections were called, nominees endeavoured to influence the school by campaigning. The students nominated with the zeal to win. And a tough competition proved the students highly proactive to serve the respective houses and the school.
  4. Voting day: The elections were held on 29th June 2013 from 11.20 AM to 1.00 PM. Prayer hall was chosen as a polling station. The sports team was in charge of handling polling in a smooth way. Students experienced casting their vote through laptops. An indelible ink like of marker pen was applied on the left index finger of the voter as an indicator that the voter has cast his vote.
  5. Post elections: After the different phases of the elections were complete, a day was set to count the votes. The votes were tallied. The candidate who mustered the most votes was declared the winner for their respective post.
In a very unusual turn of events, the school witnessed for the first time, a selection for a very important post in the Council, that of the Sports Captain. This was done due to the overwhelmingly outstanding qualities of the candidate involved, Nirmal Patel, who was selected for the aforementioned post by the School Principal and the Student Council Convenor.

Election Results:

The list of newly elected student council members is as follows:

Head Boy: Sachin S. Verlekar

Vice Head Boy: Dhwanit R. Tamboli

Sports Captain: Nirmal A. Patel

Satyam House:
  • Captain Sumit D. Choudhary
  • Vice Captain Jagrat K. Gada
Shivam House:
  • Captain Dhaval A. Jariwala
  • Vice Captain Sarvanaman B. Patel
Sundaram House:
  • Captain Arpit K. Trapasiya
  • Vice Captain Nimit J. Patel
Suhradam House:
  • Captain Harsh V. Gondalia
  • Vice Captain Rahul B. Patel

Finally, the school has a fresh beginning of a new academic year with the support of newly elected student leaders waiting for their upcoming oath ceremony.

Written by: Rashmi Ma'am

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of the students of ATMIYA VIDYA MANDIR . A special hats off to Sachin Bhai and Nirmal Bhai plus Dhwanit bhai.
Hats off to Rahul bhai ,Sarvanaman bhai, Jagrat bhai, and Nimit bhai . Also good wishes to all of the house captains. We all parents and friends of the school and Student council are keeping faith on you that you will take the school to heights that it has never reached too. Also we are keeping our full trust in you that you will sacrifice your time your body your energy for the betterment of the school and we all know you will congrats to all the teachers and all the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir