Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recipe of Success: Hardwork, Prayer & Company of Good Friends

Once while giving blessings to the students of standard 12, Swamishree's explained to them what is true success and how to achieve it. Swamiji explained to the students that you may become very successful, successful like a scientist or a big businessman but in your mind if you are not able to sustain clean and positive thoughts than that is not true success. He further explained that to be successful and to develop such positive thoughts in mind, we need constant hard work, company of good friends and sincere prayers. Swamiji also mentioned that one of the previously mentioned qualities alone cannot get you true success but all the three together can lead one to true success.

All the members of Shivam House were filled with joy upon receiving this value for the week. It was a great opportunity for all the teachers and students to delve deeper, think about the value from various perspectives and to practice it. Throughout the week, students of Shivam House presented their perspectives on the three ingredients of the recipe of success. During this week, students understood what flavour each of these ingredients adds to the success.

Param Pujya Swamishree's recipe of success was presented in a dramatic form by Shivam House on Saturday August 25, 2012 in Creative Assembly. After a lot of brain storming sessions a wonderful script was developed by the teachers of Shivam House, which was effectively directed by Montu sir, Bharat Sir, Nikhil Sir and Prabhudarshan Sir. It went on to become a rocking performance of a very high degree.

The play showed the story of a timid boy who after being supported by his friends and blessed by God, attains remarkable success in the end. The realistic acting of the Shivam House boys was quite admirable. The main characters of this drama were:

Original Name
Character Name
Manan Mehta
Devarshi Patel
Jay Patel
Aryan Modi
Raj Bhakta
Megh Rathod
Vinayak Patel
Bhavya Oza
Nihar Dudhatara
Dhaval Jariwala
Uttam Italiya
Het Adhvaryu
11 Commerce
Rohan Hasani

An exclusive feature of the drama was the song sung by Bhavesh Rajpurohit, Shyamal Patel and Rishi Patel who were guided by Somnath Sir and Jaimin Sir. The music was given by Ronak Mistry (Std 10) who played the keyboard and Harsh Vaghela (Std 10) who played the octopad. It was so effectively sung perfectly synchronized with the situation in the play that it won the hearts of the entire audience and was received with a booming applause.

The end was equally exciting as we saw the students of Shivam House from junior classes lining up on the stage with a candle each in their hands. All the Shivam House students of standard 1 – standard 6 had participated in this. Matching to the beat of music in the background they organized themselves and then was created an astonishing formation - PRAYER. The collective efforts of all lady teachers - Dipika Ma’am, Amrapali Ma’am, Bhavana Ma’am, Shreeji Ma’am and Rashmi Ma’am was especially instrumental in creating the climactic end of the show with the tiny tots of the House on stage.

Students learnt that hard work helps us to achieve known things or to develop our skills. For example, to climb Mount Everest, we need to do a lot of practice and hard work to train our body to face many challenges and survive the intense weather conditions. What we cannot prepare for or what is not in our hands is an avalanche! That is where prayer comes in. Prayer prepares us for the unknown things or for the things which are not in our control. God always gives us success proportionate to the hard work we do. But when we do sincere prayers, God makes us efficient and gives us wisdom to achieve greater heights, realize goals and success beyond our capacity. Last but the most important one is the company of good friends. Man is influenced by the company he keeps. Fortunate are the children of Atmiya Vidya Mandir to have Swamiji as their charioteer. Swamiji has explained to the children what He means by good friends. He explained that one who has clarity of destination, one who has the manners of sense organs, one who is obedient and is ahead of us in academics is our true friend. Company of such a friend not only motivates us but we learn from them how to do things efficiently, we learn how to pray and what to pray. That completed the recipe of success that Param Pujya Swamishree has given us - “Company of good friends, hard work and prayer”

Shivam House was fortunate to get help and support from Vallabh Mama, Samarthya Didi and group, Jigar T Patel (11 Commerce), Vishlesh Gondaliya (12 Commerce) and all the staff members in making this week celebration a grand success.

Report submitted by: Nikhil Sir and Prabhudarshan Sir

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