Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saransh – Lets celebrate each other

Apart from academic excellence, students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are being trained for developing skills like time management and team work .For this there are various co curricular activities. The end of the year’s co-curricular activities was a momentous occasion. There was a feeling of anxiety amongst the students as the event was going to unveil the winner academic and non-academic competitions that were held throughout the year.

 The show began with a flashback of the entire years events through a humorous skit. It was followed by the conveners of the four houses. While Sharmil Ma’am, the convener of Satyam House, talked of the unity of Satyam House, Tarun Sir, the convener of Shivam House, thanked the efforts of IT Dept. Seema Ma’am, the convener of Sundaram House, shared her experiences while Anand Sir, the convener of Suhradam House, thanked the sports team and the M-A-D (Music-Arts-Dance) group for their valuable contribution. Later Prajval Sir came on the dais to thank Vallabhmama, housemasters, didis, Pranav Sir and Ishwar Sir for extending their cooperation and working diligently behind the scene in making the events of the year successful. Meanwhile the hosts Sahishnu bhai, Ghanshyam bhai and Aneesh bhai did a remarkable job in keeping the crowd interested and entertained through their little gags.

Sports is a very important aspect of student life, to develop it better the school had conducted various inter-house sports competitions. Suhradam House emerged as the winner in this category.

Academic competitions were also held to test the knowledge of the student’s. Here Shivam House won.

Visual form of representation is always better. To display values like importance of Prayer or life and message of Rabindranath Tagore softboard display was used. Each house got a chance to decorate the softboard at the end of the week in their own creative manner. Sundaram House won the award for the best softboard display.

Every Saturday morning has a different feel to it, thanks to creative assemblies. Sometimes it was life of Swami Vivekananda and sometimes it was struggle of independence by freedom fighters. Here the best creative assembly award went to Satyam House as well as Shivam House.

On the backdrop, there hung a gigantic screen where glimpses of the various competitions and activities were shown just before the award was about to be declared.

There was also a melodious song sung by AVM's flourishing singers Samyak bhai and Deval bhai this song was followed by the moment that was awaited by everyone ‘the house of the year’ award. This time the competition was fierce but Suhradam house won it once again.

The event truly lived up to its name; the students in true sense celebrated each other. No matter which house won there wasn’t a single student who did not cheer the winner. That is exactly what Swamiji wants from us, to be humble and imbibe the value of Atmiyata. 

Written by: Karan Jivani (11 Commerce)

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