Friday, March 30, 2012

Reviewing Greatness!

In an attempt to get some real life insight into the vast field of Business, Finance and Commerce in general, the 11th Commerce class, inspired and guided by Purvesh Sir, have started a series of book review presentations. Four groups have been formed, each working on different books:
The first review presentation in this series was held on the 26th of March in the auditorium to the teachers and students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The presentations of the other 3 groups will soon follow.

The book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins is written to guide and enlighten the already good companies to the path of greatness. To give a review presentation on this book a group was formed in which each one was assigned a task i.e. Karan Jivani (Presenter), Vikkim Patel (Computer Dept.), Parth Patel (Artist and Designing) and Meet Pansuria (Research).

The book is about companies who followed certain principles and became great. These concepts in a nutshell were explained by a working model. It was designed in such a manner that it could summarise the entire book.

Every page of the book has information that seems inevitable to achieve greatness! A few of all the important concepts in the book were the Hedgehog Concept, Level 5 Leadership and The Flywheel Effect.

The hedgehog concept is the intersection of what we can be the best in the world at? (And equally important—what can we not be the best at?) What is the economic denominator that best drives our economic engine and what are our core people deeply passionate about?

Level 5 leadership is about leaders who are humble, but driven to do what's best for the company. While the flywheel effect is the additive effects of the small initiatives.

This book is answers to a curious question ‘how to reach greatness?’ These principles can also be beneficial in an individual’s personal life. Like the hedgehog concept is useful in making a career choice. The level 5 leadership teaches us values of humility and strong will.

The presentation was followed by some intriguing questions posed by the audience - students and teachers. The team put their best effort in responding to them and ended up gaining even more insight about the book.

This was a great learning experience and it also promoted the habit of reading good non fiction books. 

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Written by: Karan Jivani and the Good to Great Team (11 Commerce)

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