Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crimson blessings in white winter: P.P. Swamiji Visits AVM

As the teaching-learning activities are at their peak, pacing speedily towards final exams, as soaring winter-cold setting in to spread passivity, as the strenuous study hours consume all energy, Swamiji arrives to kindle the spark within: enlightening presence of Swamiji at Atmiya Vidya Mandir charged the students and teachers with greater enthusiasm to prepare well for forthcoming examination.

In His address to the students, Swamiji advised a few guidelines to excel not only in impending exams but also throughout the life. Swamiji clearly mentioned a few injunctions to be followed, so that we can revive and retain energy and talent gifted by God. He further emphasized on the appropriate and judicious use of five senses by students. With example of His own life, Swamiji explained the students to avoid watching movies and inappropriate videos which distract them from their goal.

Swamiji also insisted students to have a caring and respectful attitude towards their parents and avoid talking and listening negative comments about anybody. Such effective ways to use energy at right place and right time!

Swamiji wishes students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir to get minimum 70% marks in their exams, He repeatedly instructed the same target in His meeting with teachers. He advised the teachers, making them instruments of His noble vision to nurture harmony and goodwill through actions, words and thoughts. In His address to teachers Swamiji said that AVM teachers must be epitome of love, care, and patience.

Thus Swamiji’s sanctifying presence in the school campus proved to be a glimpse of the unbounded fullness of bliss, peace and fulfillment, once again! it is the time for students and other members of AVM family to realize how much fortunate they are to be cared and guided abundantly by P.P Swamiji.

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