Thursday, September 1, 2011

Janmashtmi Celebration

The rhythmic drum beat was melting into the jade surroundings of the school….., the hullabaloo was on its peak……., children preparing and planning in groups, the fun unbolted and chaos organized……it was the occasion of Janmashtami and ‘matki phod' event celebrating birthday of the legend Lord Krishna, as during His childhood, He used to form human pyramids to break the pot of butter that was hung far above to keep it out of His reach.

No less than that of Lord Krishna’s childhood, the Gopalas of Atmiya Vidya Mandir were all set to break an earthen pot (handi or matki) suspended with a rope at a height by making human pyramid. Adding more to this excitement, the team of sports teachers planned this as a challenge among the students of different classes. The idea was to create a mound comprising of the team members in an endeavor to crack the pot and grab the contents. The quickest wins the contest.

The hanging pot was filled with chocolates and sweets wrapped in colorful paper. "When the pot is broken, the chocolate and sweets fall out, sending the kids into a frenzy of delight," In an attempt to reach the pot, kids huddled together to form a human pyramid making it to a convenient height. The event witnessed a lot of fun filled moments, the students of class IX made several attempts with the pyramid but falling as one of them reached the top. But each fall infused more and more enthusiasm and they got into the huddle again and again with double the energy and determination.

The festival indirectly taught them the learning of team work and gave them many fun filled moments that they will cherish for life. The most exciting scene of the event was when students of class X strategized and formed a strong human pyramid to reach the dahi matki suspended at great height. Onlookers were throwing water on the students in order to prevent them from breaking the pot. This event proved to be a perfect amalgamation of sport and fun and providing students an opportunity to be adventurous and to show team spirit and unity... The event ended with the kids playing and engaging into a fun filled water dance.

The teachings of Lord Krishna’s life were all inclusive in the celebration as students were also explained about Lord Krishna as an ideal personality. The preacher of Gita, Lord Krishna's life is an example, which reflected the power of character. On this very auspicious day, in the morning assembly of Suhradam House, Students were told that Lord Krishna was a true disciple, a friend in need and a compassionate companion. Students were also explained how one can succeed in professional and personal life by learning and trying to emulate Lord Krishna as personification of love and affection and emotionally intelligent.
Thus AVM celebrates Janmashtami, the birth of one of our most loved Gods: Krishna. The festival which reminds us that no matter how hard evil tries, it cannot win over good.

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