Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great Explorations!

“Science is nothing else but perception” - Plato.

Atmiya Vidya Mandir School believes the only way in which we can equip a new generation to cope with a rapidly changing environment is, to teach them How and Why behind natural and non made phenomenon.

On August 27, 2011, the Science Department of AVM presented an exciting event of Inter House Science Competition.

Opportunities for learning exist everywhere! This Science Competition was an attempt of showing some ways, in which these opportunities can be made use of.

Science Competition highlighted the following events:

· Visual Quiz for Standard I and II

· Live video demonstration Quiz for standard III and IV

· Poster making and presentation for standard V and VI

· Team challenge for standard VII and VIII

· Group presentation for standard IX and X

From Junior group, each participant was engaged in joyful exploration of the scientific world around and harmonizing with it.

During the team challenge activity, the team participants were asked to design a bridge from the given sheets of paper and resource material. Surprisingly the paper bridges were found sturdy enough after the verification of their strength!

Participants of standard IX and X were allotted the topics a week earlier and they were allowed to proceed with their scientific views, keeping presentation outline in mind.

The topics chosen by Science team was

· Satyam House: Sound and its applications/ dispersion and scattering of light

· Shivam House: Chemical Reactions

· Sundaram House: Nervous System (Control and coordination)

· Suhradam House: Exploring Universe

This event was the combination of several scientific skills. The teacher’s role in all activities was not of transforming information but rather one of being a facilitator, a leader and a resource person in a learning process.

The activities were designed to encourage students to observe and explore their environment; to understand relationship in nature and between human and nature; and to learn better how humans are an integral part of the intricate web of life.

Learning Science can be more fun, both for the student and teachers, when it’s based on real experience. We hope that these activities will lead to Joy of understanding, a process in which both students and adults enjoy exploring their environment together.

The entire events were meticulously judged by Honorable Principal Dr. Vijay Patel along with Dr. Rupashree Madam. Vijay Sir announced Satyam House as the overall winner and enlightened the students to promote the analytical ability to develop scientific approach towards the life.

Written by: Archana Madam and Kshitij Sir

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